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Swr Meter 1.8 – 60 MHz
with PIC16F876

Lo strumento fornisce una misura piuttosto precisa nelle bande HF e VHF fino a 50 MHz, entro un range di potenze compreso fra 5 e 120W
post 02 Oct 2020

Swr Meter Links


Progetto SWR meter
La realizzazione richiede piu' abilita' meccanica che elettrica

Power and SWR Meter with dual bargraphs
microwatts to kilowatts accurate SWR at power levels down to 1m

The measurement is based on the Wheatstone bridge

Standing wave ratio,Wikipedia
SWR is used as an efficiency measure for transmission lines

Swr Meter Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz
Build an accurate SWR meter at very low cost for 2.4 GHz WiFi frequencies