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HF + 6m LCD RF Power and SWR meter 1500W

Si tratta di un semplice ma efficiente sistema di misura con display LCD della potenza RF diretta, inversa e del ROS
post 02 Oct 2020
HF + 6m LCD RF Power and SWR meter 1500W

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SWR with non-resonant antennas
After countless experiments with multiband antenna systems, I have also finally discovered that running a high swr on coax due to the non resonate high feedpoint impeadance is very ineffecient

SWR Return Loss and Reflection Coefficient
a brief overview of SWR, return loss and reflection coefficient

SWR Meter for 140 - 440 mhzF
Recently, someone asked me about a VHF SWR meter, which I built over a decade ago from widely available parts

SWR Power meter with protection for Solid State PA, PA3CSG
Some people who built the power meter came with some good ideas and these were used for the Version II of the SWR Power meter