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Antenna tuner 150 watts

A tunner witha balun T200-6 should give a better Q but the T200-2 was in stock and gave me sufficient tuning range, the capacitors are radio types and can be used up to 150 Watts
post 14 Oct 2020

Antenna tuner 150 watts

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links


Coupled Tuner LCT, WZ5Q
The Link Coupled Tuner, or LCT, inductively couple an RF signal from the Transceiver to the Antenna System, and also in reverse

Controlled 80m antenna tuner
I decided that what was needed was some means of controlling the capacitor from the operating position, and so I developed a means to accomplish this

De L-Tuner, PI4RAZ
The L-tuner consists of only two components: a coil and a capacitor

Halfwave wire lengths 12 thru 40 meters, KC8AON
This project was the result. I ordered the variable capacitors from Emtech, they are the type used in the Emtech ZM-2 tuner. They are dual gang polyvaricons that are 266 pf per section

Homebrew SGC SG-237 Control Box
it with a 65 foot long inverted-L antenna and I can operate all bands from 160m to 6m with 100 W power levels and this coupler has no problem