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Antenna tuner 8 bandes

It covers amateur bands from 80 to 10 m in 7 ranges because the bands 14 and 18 MHz use the same position of the switch, allows to grant levy, zeppelin, delta-loop
post 08 Dec 2020

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links


The Z Match and Its Matching
The article identifies an inherent drop-out region in the Z Match load range for certain capacitive

Tuner in LC circuit, DK7ZB
The tuner is connected to the transceiver via a coaxial cable and a SWR meter. Antenna and earth are connected directly to the tuner

Transmach 1,8 a 30 MHz eñado para las bandas de radio-aficionados
The transmach, is designed for radio-amateur bands, it is recommended, although it does not appear in the circuit, to place a 2.5 mH radio frequency shock at the output

Tuner 1,8-50
Variable capacitors and switch from R-104 BSN block. In the absence of these capacitors, it is possible to use 2 sections, from the transmission radios

T-match atu, EI9GQ
I used silver plated copper wire for L1 and L2. If you use enamelled copper wire, remove the insulation on one side of the coil