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Transmatch Antenna Tuner

Tunner qro for symmetrical antenna

Tunner qro for symmetrical antenna

The coil is important. It must be made of very thick silver wire or tape
post 13 Nov 2019

Tunner qro for symmetrical antenna

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Levy antenna covering with 14 to 28 MHz
One of my best Levy antenna boxes covering from 14 to 28 MHz with a single self and without switching. Very nice to use

Matching 50 ohm to 75 ohm, K6STI
Most signal generators have an output impedance of 50Ω. To align an FM tuner or measure its performance, it's best to match this to the tuner's 75Ω input impedance

Modifications to the Single Coil Z Match for 1.8 MHz
The original Z Match circuit modified to include 1.8 MHz. The addition of three fixed capacitors and a 4 position switch gives the whole load resistance range at 1.8MHz

QRP Antenna Tuner
This circuit is for a QRP low power antenna tuner, a transmatch, for use in the short wave amateur radio bands from 3-30 Mhz