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AT-Network Tuner Simulator, Kevin Schmidt

This is a simulator for the popular, series capacitor, parallel inductor T-network tuners. The three knobs across the bottom adjust the three components
post 22 Sep 2020

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links


The Balanced-Line Tuner at, K3QEP
The Balanced-Line Tuner oach coil is wound with 50 feet of quarter-inch copper tubing and the variable capacitor has a 1-inch plate spacing

The MFJ tuner with the motor drive attached, N3OX
This project uses some small gearmotors to drive the inductor switch and the two air variable capacitors on an MFJ 1500W antenna tuner

The SPC Tuner, KC5LDO
W1FB Invented the SPC tuner, i currently use a vertical antenna with 64 radials that covers all ham bands between 10-40 meters. I contemplated on the idea that there might be an antenna tuner design that could match this antenna on 160m

The Z Match Using a Toroidal Core Coil
To make up the coil, I selected the Amidon 50 mm T200 iron powder core with the two mix red material. This is the same core as used by many amateur

Transamtch de 1.8 a 30MHz
This equipment allows to adapt the impedance of an antenna to the impedance of the 50 ohms standard radio