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Antenna Tuning Unit

Inductors used in ATU applications will under some conditions carry very heavy currents to ground

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Antenna Transmatch tuner Links


QRP hf antenna match, G3WME
The tuned circuit inductor is a T130-red toroid core. This is close wound with 50 turns 20 gauge enamelled wire

Semplice Transmatch tuttofare, IK0RKS
Un piccolo accordatore nella configurazione ad L

The antenna coupler, ON6BG
This remote controlled antenna coupler ON6BG Gerard Germonpre is a smart piece of electromechanics that I'm proud of to have in the ham shack

The ultimate transmatch
At the rear of the roller inductor is the 1-to-4 balun.the balun is set on top of a standoff isulated

Realisation coupleur par f4 dme diedier, F0EOL