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Transmatch Antenna Tuner

A simple antenna tuner for 4m

A simple antenna tuner for 4m

I have made 2 others since ,but used a low current Led instead of the original pea lamp
post 11 Nov 2019

A simple antenna tuner for 4m

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links

Antenna tuner 150 watts, PD7MAA
A tunner witha balun T200-6 should give a better Q but the T200-2 was in stock and gave me sufficient tuning range, the capacitors are radio types and can be used up to 150 Watts

Z-Match Portable Antenna Tuner, W2ZGB
I built the Z-Match in about 3-4 days using available parts. decided I wanted to use my Z-Match for 7-21 Mhz operation so I adjusted the coil L1 to give me that range

50 MHz 6 Meter Tuner Circuits, AA3SJ
After matching my antenna to a 1.0:1 SWR I measured the capacitor settings: 77pF on the TX side and 36pF on the antenna side

A QRP Transmatch ATU, DL1GSJ
The inductor, the tricky thing in matching units with variable inductance. For the body I found an old pill container with a diameter of 4cm. The coil is then wound on this with 60 windings of 1mm enameled copper wire

Z-Match Antenna for high performance, DK7ZB
For most applications, a capacity of 350 pF for C1 and 2x230 pF for C2 is sufficient, if you want to cover the bands 10-80 m, an extension for 160 m will be presented later