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75 mt antenna Tuner

post 22 Sep 2020

75 mt antenna Tuner

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links


A Mini Tuner for HF
From 80 - 10 metres, unbalanced. John has modified it by incorporating a balun

A simple antenna tuner for 4m, G4CJZ
I have made 2 others since ,but used a low current Led instead of the original pea lamp

A T-Network Tuner Simulator, Kevin Schmidt, W9CF
This is a simulator for the popular, series capacitor, parallel inductor T-network tuners. The three knobs across the bottom adjust the three components

A Useful ATU Circuit
It uses a parallel circuit for 30 - 80 and a series tuned arrangement for the bands up to 10 metres

75 mt antenna Tuner