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Tunner antenna with coil with
caster and 4 CV isolated

Has a family look with the MJF974 it uses particular material that is unfortunately not easy to find
post 22 Sep 2020

Tunner antenna with coil with caster and 4 CV isolated

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Matching The Antenna
Right view showing the variable traps and series connected 8:1 verniers for an effective ratio of 64:1

Multibandantennes en tuners
Depending on the antenna length and the capabilities of the ATU antenna tuning unit, the system can be adjusted from 1.5 to 30 MHz. It is therefore a very flexible and broadband system

Pi-filter ATU voor Beams en Verticals
An antenna tuner for coaxial cable powered resonance antennas, such as beams and verticals for 10 to 20 m, can easily be made with normal components

QRP Antenna Tuner
The tuner was built in an aluminum project box. Various holes were drilled in the box for mounting all of the components. When laying out the parts, leave plenty of room around the sides of the components to prevent RF arcing

S match A symmetrical and universal ATU, PA0FRI
The Balanced Universal ATU System. The system is intended to accommodate balanced antenna systems transmitting on a very wide frequency spectrum, ranging from 160 m band up to 10 m band