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Antenna tuner monobande 28/30 MHz

10 MHz single band, this box operates in autotransfo. Very simple to make and use since there is only one CV either. The permissible power is greater than 200 watts
post 22 Sep 2020

Antenna tuner monobande 28/30 MHz

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links


Semplice accordatore per swl
Il segnale reso disponibile alla presa sulla bobina L1, a causa del numero variabile che delle spire al momento ci sono, col variabile C1 costituisce un semplice circuito accordato L/C

SGC Smartuner with balanced dipole antenna, G3YNH
The SGC-230 'Smartuner' is an automatically tuned/L-network. 1.6 MHz - 30 MHz SGC-230 is nominally rated for 200 W PEP and is therefore ideal for use with typical 100 W HF transceivers

Super Tee Antenna Tuner, W3TS
Leature of this tuner is that the low side of the tuner is raised above ground, allowing the tuner to be used with a balanced line

Switchted indutor L match tunner
Sixth inductor of 16 uH and another switch could be added for a total of 31.5 uH which would allow operation on 160 meters too if needed

The NorCal BLT Tuner
The circuit also is an absorptive bridge, which means that your transmitter sees a 50 ohm load as you are tuning up