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Realization of a coupling box by Patrice

The torus has 6 wires: 2 side CV, 2 side self and 2 to the outputs of the box, for the RX - TX.- For the six outputs of the torus, put "souplisso" recovered on the transformer of a micro insulation 2000 volts
post 22 Sep 2020

Realization of a coupling box by Patrice

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links


Automatic Tuner Project, W0IVJ
The automatic antenna tuner described here is the first part of automating my station so I can run it remotely

Automatic Tuner-Transceiver Interface, OZ2BKK
This Autoamtic Tuner-Transceiver Interface (ATTI), based on my own firmware and a PIC16F876 processor, is used to control a connected transceiver when the Tune

Automatic Z-Match Antenna Tuner Project, N6LYU
AT-3K only has a switch position for balance line BAL to feed to an external balun

Accordatore d'antenna QRP per i 20m, IK2BCP
Se il led si accende, significa che ci sono onde stazionarie, se il led e' spento vuol dire che esse sono molto basse

Accordatore di Antenna Tuner, I6IBE
La configurazione a T offre un range di impedenza piu' elevata, e permette di accordare quasi tutte le antenne