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Build hf antenna tuner

This page details several T-match tuners. By comparing them, you should be able to construct a tuner to your own particular requirements
post 22 Sep 2020

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links


Accordatore da 10mt a 160mt
Da 10 a 160 m.,C1 - C2 = 700 pf,L1 = 40 spire di filo di diametro 2 mm su supporto di circa 5 cm.,S1 = Commutatore multiplo 1 via 12 posizioni

Accordatore CTE da 27 - 430 Mhz a 14 - 30 Mhz
Con poco lavoro puo' essere facilmente adattato a lavorare sulla parte alta delle Onde Corte

Accordatore per RTX QRP, IZ4AII
Semplice accordatore d'antenna concepito per l'uso portatile

Antenna Transmatch Tips
The SWR protection circuits in modern transceivers require an SWR of 2: 1 or less if they are to deliver the full rated power of the transmitter section

The SGC 230 smartunerF
The SGC 230 Smartuner, and its use in a balanced antenna configuration