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Balanced Line Tuner BLT

I've used this little Z-Match tuner for several years. It's the right size and tunes nearly all of my portable antennas on 40M and up It has a built in Tayloe SWR indicator
post 22 Sep 2020

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links


Homebrew C-L-C QRP Antenna Tuner, 7N3WVM
His is a C-L-C type tuner with a reflected power indicator. Tuning is done for minimum reflected power. Forward power indicator is omitted because I know the output power of my transceiver anyway

L-Match ATU, M0EZP
After much thought I decided to build a L-Match circuit but with flexibility to match a wide variety of situations.

Modifications to the Single Coil Z Match for 1.8 MHz
The original Z Match circuit modified to include 1.8 MHz. The addition of three fixed capacitors and a 4 position switch gives the whole load resistance range at 1.8MHz

Multibandantennes en tuners Hans Remeeus, PA1HR
Over the years, a symmetrical antenna, with a symmetrical power line and a symmetrical tuning unit, remains the very best system

Solar Powered Antenna Tuner
Once the tuner determines the frequency of the RF signal being transmitted, it stores the tuner settings in its non-volatile memory for use in future tuning events