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Transmatch Antenna Tuner

Balanced Line Tuner BLT

Balanced Line Tuner BLT

I've used this little Z-Match tuner for several years. It's the right size and tunes nearly all of my portable antennas on 40M and up It has a built in Tayloe SWR indicator
post 03 Apr 2020

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links

Homebrew C-L-C QRP Antenna Tuner, 7N3WVM
His is a C-L-C type tuner with a reflected power indicator. Tuning is done for minimum reflected power. Forward power indicator is omitted because I know the output power of my transceiver anyway

L-Match ATU, M0EZP
After much thought I decided to build a L-Match circuit but with flexibility to match a wide variety of situations.

Modifications to the Single Coil Z Match for 1.8 MHz
The original Z Match circuit modified to include 1.8 MHz. The addition of three fixed capacitors and a 4 position switch gives the whole load resistance range at 1.8MHz

Multibandantennes en tuners Hans Remeeus, PA1HR
Over the years, a symmetrical antenna, with a symmetrical power line and a symmetrical tuning unit, remains the very best system