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Windom Antennas

Coaxial fed Windom Antenna

Coaxial fed Windom Antenna

Here is another model with coaxial feeder, which is compatible with Solid States 50 Ohm output transceivers
post 20 Jul 2020
Coaxial fed Windom Antenna

Antenna Windom Links

Windom antenna, I6QON
The page describes a Windom antenna with a 6:1 homebrew transformer.The feed-point of this type of antennas off center has an impedance of about 300 Ohms

WINDOM antenna 160/80/40/20/10 metri, I6IBE
Alimentando il dipolo fuori centro fa in modo che l'antenna possa essere utilizzata convenientemente, con ROS accettabile su tutte le bande

Windom antenne OCF, FD4, FD3, PA0FRI
A special form of Windom antenna is a Fritzel FD4. It is a half-wavelength wire at the lowest frequency

Windom-balun, OH7SV
Windom baluns for kilowatt range OH7SV

Un toroide per la windom, IK0RKS