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Balanced Self Matching Feed Line System

new and improved 9 to 1 linear matching transformer that is used on the radio end of the feedline
post 06 Nov 2020

Antenna Feed Lines Links


10 80m doublet antenna
is at about 57 feet 17.4m and the feeder is about 60ft 18.3m long almost vertical but comes into the house about 3 ft above ground level

How do I properly feed coax through an outside wall?
a new cable outlet to an outside wall and wanted to find out what kind of drill bit is needed to drill through and feed the coax cable

Low loss Japanese coaxial cable
about having as good an antenna system as you can manage to get the best out of six metres

Of end-feds and feed-lines
The end-fed half-wave antenna can function alone, but feed lines are the norm regardless

Openwire ladder line, DJ0IP
Normally there is no need to retune the matchbox when using Ladder-Line