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This document tries to clear out some details of transmission lines and cable inductance
post 13 Mar 2022

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Coax Cable Specifications
To see detailed performance data for a variety of coax cable types, use the Times Microwave Systems online coax cable calculator attenuation & Power Handling Calculator

Tagliare spezzoni di cavo coassiale con l'analizzatore d'antenna, IW2FND
In pratica si usa un analizzatore d'antenna, tipo: AA-54 o MFJ269 o qualsivoglia altro, un T ed una terminazione uguale all'impedenza caratteristica dell'analizzatore

Coax cables specifications
A Quarter wavelength of RG-58/U (VF = 0.66) at 7.040Mhz would be 23.06ft in length

Coaxial Cable Insertion and Return Loss Measurement
Return loss is a measure of VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio), expressed in decibels db. The return-loss is caused due to impedance mismatch between two or more circuits