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System View of the Line Isolator

This hamshack has a full complement of T-4 and T-5 Line Isolators™ installed. The goal of the installed Line Isolators is to break up all RF ground loops and block conducted RF coming into the hamshack via the coaxial cable
post 08 Nov 2020

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Scaletta o ladder line
La linea a scaletta o ladder line o linea bilanciata e' uno dei segreti nascosti nel felice impiego di antenne multibanda non risonanti

The Effects of VSWR on Transmitted Power, W6VAT
The Effects of VSWR called the Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, or VSWR, of an antenna system. There is a lot of good information available on VSWR as well as a lot misconceptions

Transmission Lines and Measurement of their Characteristics
Transmission lines have many applicatons in the fields of radio and telecommunications. In amateur radio, theirmost common application is in the coupling of energy between antenna and transmier or receiver

Transmission lines for dummies
450 ohm Ladder Line requires a 9:1 balun in order to match to a 50 ohm line

A ladder line antenna tuner for HF, OZ1DB
I want to use my 2 x 20 m (130 Feet) dipole for all HF-bands except parts of 160 m with a 450 ohms ladder line feeder to minimize feeder losses