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In pratica si usa un analizzatore d'antenna, tipo: AA-54 o MFJ269 o qualsivoglia altro, un T ed una terminazione uguale all'impedenza caratteristica dell'analizzatore
post 09 Nov 2020

Antenna Feed Lines Links


Principles of transmission lines
A transmission line is a device designed to guide electrical energy from one point to another

PL-259 to Coax Installation Done Right, K3DAV
I have hundreds of silver plated PL-259s in service at my station. They are all soldered the same way

Quarter Wave Line Matching Transformer
to calculate the impedance required for a 1/4 wave electrical section of line

Quarter wave impedance transformer
A λ /4 line is, in effect, a transformer, and in fact is often referred to as a quarter-wave transformer

Receving splitter,PA5MW
For feeding the RX inputs of both my Elecraft K2 and TenTec Orion with the same RX antenna, I'm in need for an antenna splitter