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Antenna for PMR446 Mhz

Yagi 14 elements self-built for PMR446


Yagi 14 elements self-built for PMR446

Here is my first reliable and still working Yagi antenna for my radios PMR446, 14 elements, 2.5 metres long, gain 13.6 dBd.All elements of this Yagi antenna are made of solid aluminum, only the dipole elements are made of aluminum tube, recycled from clothesline, so that in a moment, with a vise, I pressed the ends where I connected the RG58 cable
post 29 Nov 2019

Yagi 14 elements self-built for PMR446

Antenna for 446 MHz Links

3 element Yagi antenna 433 MHz
A simple tape measure based 433 MHz 3 element Yagi antenna

Antena rx Slim Jim PMR 446 Mhz
This easy construction antenna has a good gain and an advantage, the vertical radiation angle is only 15

Antena Slim Jim PMR 446 de J.Colmenar
Simple quarter wave ground plane antenna for 446Mhz, all elements measure 15.8cm.

Antenna Yagi 14 elementi autocostruita per PMR446
Here is the first Yagi antenna still operating for my PMR 446 MHz radios, 14 elements, 2.5 meters long, with a gain of 13.6 dB compared to the dipole

Antenna portatile ad elevato guadagno per PMR
Antenna a baffo con la sua forma a V rovesciata di 90 gradi