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Moxon Rectangle PMR 446 Mhz


Moxon Rectangle PMR 446 Mhz

Questo tipo d'antenna e' ha il vantaggio del minore ingombro e della maggiore robustezza meccanica. La si puo' facilmente realizzare con del tondo d'ottone su un connettore SO-239 o anche
post 29 Nov 2019

Moxon Rectangle schema Moxon Rectangle PMR 446 Mhz

Antenna Moxon Links

Homebrew Cobweb or Moxon, 2E0VOV
Made for 10-15-17 and 20M constructed from 6m Crappie Fishing whips with aluminium bonded to the ends for mounting. These are secured to the base with homebrew 6mm U bolts. The elements are connected to a homebrew 1:1 choke installed in the feeder box

Moxen project, N2YET
The antenna seems to have a very good front to back ratio, we are using a 88 foot center fed zep as a comparison and after raising the antenna the Moxen beats the zep every time and also hears signals the zep does not

Moxon Antenna Project 17 meter, KD6WD
I use crappie fishing poles, which are 16 foot telescoping fiberglass rods in an X configuration

Moxon for 446mhz
For PMR channels, the results of the calculations are invariant at the mm scale for the 8 channels. In fact, they are identical from 445,927 to 446,115, ie from -0.08 to +0.02 around these

Moxon Antenna Calculator project
Moxon Antenna Calculator public domain program