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UHF Log-Periodic Array

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Presented here is an experimental LPA for the Australian UHF broadcast TV bands IV and V. They span about 520 MHz to 820 MHz

UHF Log-Periodic Array

Antenna Log-periodic Links

8-Element High Frequency Log Period Dipole Array
the 8-element LPA is model KMA1832

A 5 band log periodic dipole array
In ARRL Antenna Compendium No. 4, I desribed how I modified

Antenna Log-periodica Bibanda 145 - 431MHz,IS0GRB
categoria delle antenne direzionali ed a larga banda

Antenna verticale aperiodica per HF, IZ1CYN
Con quest'antenna mi sono divertito un sacco

An air band log periodic antenna,AB9IL
This antenna, fed with high quality coaxial cable