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Loop per ricezione 160m


Loop per ricezione 160m

Ho voluto provare un'antenna per la sola ricezione. Si tratta di un loop magnetico quadrato, di 152 cm di lato, che ho costruito seguendo le indicazioni di KC2TX

Loop per ricezione 160m

Antenna Loop Links

Experiences with Loop antennas at, G3YMC
Frame loop antennas are used on 136 for receiving and usually consist of around 50 turns of wire on a 1 metre or so square framework

Antenna LOOP per 80 metri, solo ricezione
The expected working band is that of 80 meters, electrically and estatically tuned LOOP

Limited Space Antennas The Small Transmitting Loop Antenna
The AEA IsoLoop HF Antenna was an antenna I used off the balcony in a Chicago its 10ft length at about a 45 degree angle hanging over the edge of the balcony

A Five indor magnetic loop, G4IZH
This aerial covers the 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 metre bands and is made from a single 3 metre length of 22 mm copper tube

Magnetic Loop Experiments, M0UKD
A 145MHz 2m loop. Using the software at the bottom of this page, I worked out that a 36cm length of wire, will need a capacitance of around 3.6pf, and around a 50% efficiency

AM loop antennas
I used 24 gauge wire and had to wrap 18 turns to get an inductance of about 250 uH. With a 365 pF