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Most of the programs are for managing the memories and settings of Yaesu radios
post 10 Apr 2022

Radio control software Links


IC-746 soft control
eseguire il programma di setup e poi leggere

ICOM CIV Software
This cable allows computer control of your ICOM radio through its REMOTE jack

ICOM OCX programs
There are numerous control programs available for the Icom 756Pro. However, as fine as many of these programs are, they are often written to accommodate many different rigs

Icom Control for PCR1000
IcomControl is a radio controller designed for the Icom PCR1000

ILGdb program interfaces
This program interfaces with the ILGSIMPO.DBF radio frequencies database and lets you click a station in the database to tune your radio to the station

Remote operation Elecraft K2
K2Net was intended to allow remote operation of an Elecraft K2 across a network