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3 band mobile antenna, IZ7DJR
3-Bandantenne fuer 2m, 6m und ein KW band ab 14 MHz, DL4XAV
A multi-band portable vertical designed, KA5DVS
Antenna portatile per HF canna da pesca, IK1QLD
Antenna verticale homemade per auto, IK6CGO
Antenne Quagi 432 MHz pour station portable
Antenne per hf ad uso portatile
An automatically tuned 7 to 30 MHz mobile antenna
Buddipole Portable Antenna system
Effective HF Mobile Antennas
HF mobile antenna, HB9ABX
HF Mobile Installation BMWX5 Kenwood TS-480, AA6A
HF vertical portable for 20mt, IK1ZOY
Hi-Q-Antennas for HF Ham Radio Mobile Operation
Junkbox Bugstick For 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, and 10m, W5DXP
Kite Drachens mobil 80m Bandes, DL6IP
Marittime mobile dilole V 40mt
ML-90 Vehicle Roof Rack Magnetic Loop Antenna
Mobile antennas, short verticals, loading coil loss, W8JI
Mobile on 136kHz, G3YXM
Normal Mode Helix Antennas for HF Mobile, N2MH
Portable Vertical Antenna 20-30-40mt, WB9DLC
Retour a l'antenne W.DX
Rybakov 806 Portable Multiband HF Antenna
- Shunt feeding a hustler 40 meter mobile hf antenna
Supporti e costruzione per antenne portatili
Tarheel M200 Antenna, VE7ED
Ultra-portable 5ele 144MHz Pocket Portable Yagi, G4DHF
Verticale portatile 17-20-30 e 40mt, IK5LPN
Verticale portatile 10/40, IK4DCS

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