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13cms ATV, G3KTU
Details and pictures are as received by me at home on 23cms
13 cm ATV Repeater, GB3BH
The group runs the amateur television repeater, GB3BH located in Bushey Heath, Nort
Arizona Amateur TV
AN ARRL Rradio club affiliated member
Association A.N.T.A
anta, association, nationale, television, amateur, atv, datv, image, video
Attività in ATV a 1200 MHz, IK0XCC
La banda dei 1200 MHz è il punto di partenza per tutti coloro che vogliono iniziare
De 3cm amateurband (10.0-10.5 GHz) is a band including ATV
ATV amateur television, IK6DTA
Oggi più che mai parlare di ATV, potrebbe essere stimolante
ATV-Repeater Zottegem
Has long been cherished plans for a repeater for Amateur Television ATV
ATV Repeater, GB3EN
GB3EN is located in Enfield, which used to be in Middlesex
ATV en teledistribution, HB9AFO
On a des bandes de fréquences pour faire essais et contests
ATV- Repeater Schilthorn Piz Gloria, HB9F
HB9F repeater. On the Lindenhof hospital in Bern
BATC Streaming Media
We are a group of amateur television - radio enthusiasts
Brookdale Amateur Television Repeater
The Brookdale Amateur Television Repeater System is owned and operated
Counties ATV Club Site, GB3HV
23cm pictures off air and streaming them to the internet
DATV Primer
introduction to the digital aspects of the ATV hobby
Digital-Amateurfunkfernsehen ATV DIGITAL
The development of digital ATV is necessary to allow for more and more occupied frequency
Directory of Amateur Television web sites
for finding sites related to Amateur Television and Ham Radio
Echostar LNB Model BKU235x modification, PE1RKI
Home page amateur, IK1HGI
ATV su sperimentazione coloro operatori su auto costruzione
Input: 2340MHz - Output: 2420 MHz, GB3FT
13cms ATV repeater to be located at Combe Hill near Newbury
I3EME Homepage
dove pianto le parabole e' quella ad ovest di Punta Raisi
I Moduli ATV
stazione televisiva amatoriale a basso costo e alla portata di tutti
Idaho ATV repeater
The K6ZVA repeater operates from Mount Harrison in Southern Idaho
Microwave page, I3QNS
Modifica ampli 30 W Motorola per 1.2 GHz
Modifica di un LNB HUMAX LNB-110 per ATV, IW2NZX
Una semplice guida su come modificare (a mano) uno HUMAX LNB-11
Radio club ATV Lyon, F6KIO
10GHz dish reception has been changed
Remote Controlled ATV Station, VE6ATV
This project quickly grew from a simple remote controlled camera
S5-DATV - ATVS Slovenian ATV Association
working on a cheap version of our fully working DVB-S transmitter
Sistema di trasmissione ATV, IZ3GWJ
ATV e' l'acronimo di Amateur TeleVision , televisione amatoriale
Per chi si accontenta di 150/200 mW o per uno sguardo all'intero progetto
Poor Man's Digital ATV Transmitter Project
A new site dedicated to a much improved version of my DATV system
Television ATV antennes, F5AD
This site is an amateur site, without any professional or commercial purpos
TX ATV 23cm simple et economique, F6CSX
The original circuit uses a quartz reference 3.2 MHz
Trasmettitore ATV per la banda dei 23 cm, I2ROM
un ricevitore per onde corte a 6.5 MHz posizionato in FM
Trasmettitore ATV per la banda 23 cm, IK1HGI
stazione trasmittente operante nella banda dei 23 cm. (1240 MHz.)
Trasmettitore ATV 23cm 0.5W
trasmettitore audio-video per ATV in banda 23cm
Trasmettitore ATV 250 mW, IW2BC
il TX e' composto da uno stadio oscillatore controllato in tensione dal PLL
The Poor man digital ATV transmitter
Digital television transmitters generally call upon a complex signal processing sequence
The project at 10 GHz link, DB0UKW
The prototype of the first installed in the transmitting
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