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Amateur Radio Propagation Studies, DF5AI
Thunderstorm effects on 144 MHz sporadic E communication
Dx propagation wwv predictions
dynamic collection of propagation information gathered from many different sources
HF Propagation Models
The software contained within was developed by an agency of the U.S
HF Propagation Using Solar Indices
Quick Guide to HF Propagation Using Solar Indices
Uses the same calculations methods and procedures than DXPROP
Propagation Tools, NB6Z
The Solar Flux Index is a gauge of solar particles and magnetic field
HF propagation aurora auroral troposphere
HF Propagation Tools and Solar
Radio Propagation Introduction
Ham Radio operators, shortwave radio enthusiasts often talk about propagation
Solar Activity and Climate
Space weather may also in the long term affect the Earth's climate. Solar ultra-viole
Solar activity and geomagnetic forecast,F5LEN
Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Cente
Solar Cycle Progression
The charts on this page depict the progression of the Solar Cycle
Solar Cycle 24, Spaceweather, Amateur Radio VHF Aurora
Topband - 160 meter Radio Propagation
Welcome to the Topband radio propagation section! In this area
Understanding Solar Indices
Long distance HF radio communications is made possible by a region of charged particles
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