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Amateur Radio Propagation Studies

Sporadic e opening has enabled forward- and backscatter dx qsos

Dx propagation wwv predictions

A dynamic collection of propagation information gathered from many different sources

VOACAP Online Prediction Services

Hf propagation prediction and ionospheric communications analysis

HF Propagation Using Solar Indices

Quick Guide to HF Propagation Using Solar Indices

HF propagation aurora auroral troposphere

HF Propagation Tools and Solar

HF Propagation predictions software

This program predicts the most likely operating frequencies and signal levels for high frequency shortwave radio propagation paths on specified days of the year and hours of the day

Propagation Tools

The Solar Flux Index is a gauge of solar particles and magnetic field

Radio Propagation Introduction

Ham Radio operators, shortwave radio enthusiasts often talk about propagation

Solar Activity and Climate

Space weather may also in the long term affect the Earth's climate. Solar ultra-viole

Solar activity and geomagnetic forecast

a daily deterministic and probabilistic forecast, for next three days, of geomagnetic activity

Solar Cycle Progression

The charts on this page depict the progression of the Solar Cycle

Solarham space weather

Solar Cycle 24, Spaceweather, Amateur Radio VHF Aurora

Top Band 160 meters

This band is particularly challenging, and almost exclusively cw for dx

Understanding Solar Indices

Long distance HF radio communications is made possible by a region of charged particles

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