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DK8KW Longwave Information Slow CW
overcome this limit, many stations use so-called Slow-CW
30 Meter receiver for low power QRSS, PA2OHH
That is possible by using a very slow CW speed. QRS
10Mhz WSPR and QRSS Transmitter Project, G0FTD
The latter simply means sending very slow morse code
10 Mhz QRSS Beacon in a box, IW0HK
The power of the beacon is 20 mWatt
30m QRSS Beacon Transmitter, IK0VVe
invitation to slow down CW morse code
30m QRSS Junkbox Beacon
This simple 30m QRSS beacon is built entirely out of junkbox parts
30m QRSS Receiver,9H1LO
This receiver designed for 10.140MHz. It is intended to be used for Slow Morse
A 30 Mtr Direct Conversion Receiver, M0AYF
It is a simple Direct Conversion design
Audio Spectrum Analyzer, DL4YHF
This program started as a simple FFT program running under DOS
CEJ QRSS and Life Recontemplation
simple radio transmitters at extremely low power to send an extremely slow Morse code message over an extrem
Claris Home Page, W0CH
QRSS is a derivative of the CW Q-Signal QRS for "Please lower your code speed
Extreme narrow bandwidth techniques, ON7YD
Due to several reasons the signal to noise ratio (SNR) of ham signals on 136kHz
G4OEP QRSS pages
QRSS refers to extremely low power and low speed
>G7IZU QRSS information
QRSS transmissions, mostly on 10140 kHz
I2NDT QRSS listenings
un modo estremo di fare radio, esiste anche il QRPP
Lopora QRSS beacon reception program, PA2OHH
That is possible by using a low CW speed. QRS mean reduce your CW
IW0HK Ham Station in QRSS mode
Il software che ho usato Argo, realizzato dai due radioamatori italiani
ICBeacon LF CW/QRSS beacon
This simple beacon is born after discussing with Giulio, ik2ded, on some ideas for LF
The amplifier uses a BC547 as a driver and two pairs of BC547's
Although the whole 136kHz allocation is only 2.1kHz wide
QRSS Keyer
This is a simple QRSS callsign keyer based on an Atmega AVR programmed
QRSS Using absurdly low-speed CW, KA7OEI
The term QRSS is derived from QRS - a cw
frequenza 10140,98, khz test con potenza sui 200mW
Rete QRSS/QRPp a 28.322 MHz, IW0HK
La scelta di 28.322 e' data dalla disponibilita' surplus di oscillatori quarzati
The Noise Floor
noise present in any radio receiver used for any radio communications system
The QRSS Experiment, IV3ONZ
started with the QRSS Experiment, both receiving and transmitting
Weak Signal and QRSS Web page
WSPRnet activities, DL6NL
What is QRSS, M0AYF
The term "QRSS" is derived from the Q-Code QRS which is used in CW
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