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Ace hf pro
This is the best Propagation Analysis and Modeling Software
DX ToolBox
information on solar and geomagnetic conditions that affect radio propagation
DXPROP est un programme de prévision de propagation
GeoAlert-Extreme Wizard
GeoAlert-Extreme Wizard GEW is a powerful software tool
live MUF is a DXC (cluster) telnet client which attempts to resolve propagation
HF propagation prediction tool for Amateur Radio
High Frequency Propagation Models
page contain software developed by NTIA. NTIA
Ionospheric Simulator
In this model, the ionospheric layers are assumed as a fast moving reflecting areas
Meteor and Colorgramme
software in the detection and registration of echoes radio products by meteors shower
Online MOF/LOF HF Propagation Prediction Tool NOAA
HF Propagation Tools and Solar Data are now on multiple pages for faster loading
PalmProp is a software for PalmOs dedicated to the forcast of HF radiowave propagation
PathSim is a Windows program that can be used to simulate radio propagation
PHP WWV Grabber
his PHP program allows you to display WWV data from on your own web pages
Proagation Prediction Program (DOS)
The list below is all the software I have made available on this site
Propfire Firefox propagation extension
HF propagation info on your web browser status bar for Ham Radio/Shortwave
Complex Radio Signal Analysis, made Elegant
Propagation analysis & prediction programs
application use the VOACAP engine or a down-size version of the IRI model
PropView uses the included VOACAP, ICEPAC, and IONCAP propagation prediction
pythonProp is a collection of Python scripts designed to create voacap input
RF prop
Radio Propagation Calculator
Solar data plot utility
Spots of the same station on the same frequency and mode
VOAProp shows you typical propagation for a given hour of the day
W6ELProp predicts ionospheric (sky-wave) propagation
WSPR implements a protocol designed for probing potential propagation
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