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Click Votes Antennas for 17 meters*
2 Element Yagi Beam Antenna, G1HZN
2x2 nested quad for 12+17m
- 3 Element Direct Feed 17 Meter Yagi
17 Meter Wire Antennas
17 meter delta loop antenna, NC4FB
17 Meter Wire Antennas
17 meter Moxon, AE6AC
Build a 17 Meter Reduced Size Coaxial Moxon Retangle, N0KHQ
Builda 12/17 Meter Trap Dipole, AD5X
Dual-band-wire-beam-12-and-17mt, KG4JJh
Dual Band 40m/17m dipole, W5DXP
Rotary dipole 12 and 17 meters, IK4DCS
The L7 HamLoop antenna for 17 meters, K6SGH
The Lowly Quad for 17 meters, W5ZO

Production Commercial

Prosistel Dipolo rottativo 17 -12 -6- modulare
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