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ARMAP is a suite of online, interactive maps and services that support Arctic
ARMHAM Program Map
Maps program and countries
The AZIMUTH program plots a world map in either azimuth
Aziworld, F6DQM
computes azimuth and range of any DXCC prefix
AM radio stations in Canada, the United States, Mexico
DX Atlas 2.25
Electronic World atlas for Radio Amateurs. Scrollable World map
EZ QRA Locator
The EZ QRA Locator softawre is a simple software for the calculation
Find your QTH locator by using GoogleMaps,F6VY
Find your QTH locator or your grid square with GoogleMaps
GcmWin Great Circle Map
program to make Great Circle maps from any location
GEOG UK terrain heights
Geog is a suite of programs written by Andy Talbot
Great Circles & QRA Locator Online
Distance from reference Nautical Miles Statute Miles Km
Grid conversion programs contains Wingrid.exe and Dosgrid.exe
GridLocW, VK4ADC
To make it easier for any future field days, I wrote GridLocW
HAM Atlas, SP6NV
Internet Ham Atlas by SP6NVK
By G4VWL HamCalc is collection of calculators for radio amateurs
Linux QRA Maidenhead Locator Software
console application for the calculation of Maidenhead QRA Locators
distance and directions calculation program using
Log Verificator, OM5APP
Log Verificator is a Windows program that allows you to find incorrect entries and duplicates in your Contest Log saved in EDI format Log Verificator is shareware software. The callbook has more than 60,000 items
This program searches a prefix or country in a database
Palm Globe A World Globe for Palm OS
Palm Globe is a program which displays the Earth as a globe
Pocket Locator
Pocket Locator is a small free tool
Psion ham software
is a UTC/Local clock showing sunlight/darkness area
Qgrid, ON4QZ
Maidenhead grid squares calculator, bearing and distance indicator
Radio Distance Software
This is a trivial program which calculates the distance and the bearin
Rogers Javascript Programs for Amateur Radio
These programs are written in Javascript, and should work on most modern
Squares, W3ADC
Then peak your antenna on a beacon and adjust your rotor indicator
The IARU Grid Locator System
Grid Squares are being used more and more by Radio Amateurs
This program calculates the location of almost any type of locator
WinGrid, DD3DJ
WINGRID is a Windows Contest-programm for especially
WorkedGrids, VE2ZAZ
WorkedGrids is a Windows application that displays a map showing
World wide locator
Il World Wide Locator o WWL, spesso chiamato semplicemente locatorv
you can get the locator from longitude and latitude
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