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136 kHz Pages, GW4ALG
5 Meter vxo tuned cw
5W CW transceiver kit
14MHz SSB QRP Micro-Transceiver, DK7IH
Attività QRP in portatile, IK0IXI
Amateur Radio Station, KO4WX
A qrp ssb transceiver
Amateur Radio Station, W5JH
AmQRP Homebrewer Magazine
ATl QRP Antenna Tunner, SP5JNW
Austin QRP Club
Analog ssb qrp transceiver
A 2 Transistor Transmitter Powered From a 9V Battery, AA7EE
Digital qrp swr-power meter
DDS-60 Kit
DZ Kits
Dan's Small parts and kits
mcHF QRP transceiver
ozQRP.com qrp radio kits
Portable Station for 30m
Progetto rtx qrp 14 MHz
QRP radio kits from crkits.com
QRP Pages Projects
QRP Wattmeter, G4FON
QRP homebrew equipment
The micro20 III pocket size ssb rtx for 20m
Transceiver 40m QRP
The SMK-1 on 20 Meters

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