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137mHz APT Quadrafilar antenna
2.4 GHz Helix Antenna, VE3ZAZ
6 element yagi for 144 mhz, SV1BSX
A Brolly Dish for AO-40, G6LVB
A Helix antenna for 2 metre satellite, VK5ZAI
A High Gain Mode J/B Yagi Antenna, DF8GH
A Portable Antenna for Satellites
A Portable VHF-UHF Roll-up J-pole Antenna
A quadrifilar helix weather satellite receiving antenna
A Quadruple Helix for AO-40
Adding to an Arrow Satellite Antenna, VE2ZAZ
Antenna elevator system for amateur satellites, SV1BSX
Antenna Turnstile per i satelliti Polari
Antenna quadrifilare per la ricezione dei satelliti meteo polari, IV3ONZ
A Portable Antenna for Mode B and J Satellites
An EZ-Lindenblad Antenna for 2 Meters, N3UJJ
AO-40 70cm Uplink Antenna, G6LVB
AO-40 Satellite Station, W6CPA
Building a Lindenblad Antenna for 137MHz
Building my Eggbeater II Omni LEO Antennas, ZR6AIC
Caratteristiche Cavi coassiali
Constructing a Cardboard-box Antenna for Receiving AO-40 on S-band
Converting a Sky TV Dish to 60 cm band, G6LVB
Cross Yagi antenna with circular polarization for satellite, PY2BBS
Cross-Yagi, DK7ZB
Dual band handy yagi, AD1B
Eggbeater Antenna VHF/UHF, ON6WG
Eggbeater Antenna for satellite communication, VU2IVV
Very easy to home brew & very effective
Handitenna 440 Beam Antenna, KG4IHJ
Helix antenna design and construction
Homebrew AZ/EL Rotor and controller, KO6TH
Helix antenne 1296 MHz 25 TURNS
Homebrew 70cm Quad Antenna, PA1CA
Homebrew Arrow Satellite Antenna, G6LVB
L'antenne Quadrifilar, F1AGW
Lindenblad Satellite Antennas, KL7UW
Lindenblad antenna 2m/70cm, AF6SA
Minhas aventuras via satellite, PY4ZBZ
MY HomeBrew satellite antenna, ST2NH
Operational OSCAR Satellite Status Summary
Parasitic Antenna for 70cm
Patch Feed for S-Band Dish Antennas
Patch Feed 1700MHz
Projects and experiments from the shack, KO6TH
Satellite Antenna Tips
Satellite tracking antenna, VK5ZAI
Station devoted to Space Communications, KC2HAX
The Eggbeater Antenna, ON6WG
The IOio Antenna and the satellites
The Lindenblad antenna
Types of Coax
UHF Yagi 10 element for AO-40, SV1BSX
Une antenne portable pour les satellites mode B et J, F8CHR
VHF-UHF Portable Yagi-Uda, 9W2YED
View from Satellite
Weather Satellite and Waffle Page
SAT inline amp modification for weak signal operation, DL4XAV
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