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4 band Broadband Hexbeam 20-17-15-10 meters, KE4NU

Broadband Hex beam. I first was introduced to a hex

6 meter HexBeam antenna, WB3BEL

This is a hex beam I designed for six meters

6 Band HexBeam, G3TXQ

Hexbeam is a full size 2 element Yagi beam with bent wire elements

6-band Hex Beam, AC2C

Various materials have been used to construct base plates

20-6m Broadband Hexbeam, G3TXQ-MW0JZE

Point to Point of the hexagon, 21ft 6 inches. Height is around 4ft and weight around 25lbs

30 Meter Hexbeam, W1GQL

make a hexagon of 30 meters smaller using the loading

An Hexagonal Beam in 3 hours, VE3SQB

I cut a driven element to the formula 468/f

Building the hexbeam, ON7RU

Once all parts are ready you can start assembling the hexbeam

Broadband Hex-Beam, K4KIO

Test transmission on each band: 6, 10, 15, 17, and 20 meters all SWRs 3:1

G3TXQ Broadband Hexbeam

the performance bandwidth and improves the SWR

Hex Beam, K4KIO

This original design is a good antenna and owners of the HEX-BEAM

Hex Beam, WY3A

G3TXQ Hex Beam For 5-Bands

Hexbeam 3 bands, ZL1BJQ

The hexagonal hub plate is 5mm ali and 250mm across

Hexbeam portable foldingantennas, DL1ELU

When operating portable, on holiday or from a weekend qth, on a fieldday or DXpedition

Homebrew Hex Wire Beam Antenna, W6OT

main plate which holds the spreaders and mast. It's also attached

The reflected W beam 5 bands, DL7IO

The elements are connected via insulators to the spreaders

The Small Powerful Hex Beam, VA7ST

This is a home-made five-band antenna made from bits

Version of the broadband hexbeam, KG4JJH

square aluminum transmission line. Initial testing looks promising

X-Beam for 6m 2m and 70cm, K0EMT

when testing on 6M with a horizontally polarized

Xexbeam 5bands20m,17m,15m,12m,10m

The Hexbeam is a great little antenna! It should be highv

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