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1.8 to 54 MHz Low Pass Filter
Works on all amateur bands from 1.8 MHz through 54 MHz
1.8-54 Mhz Low pass filter
A transmitter low pass filter design project was started
500 KHz Low Pass Filter, K5TD
500 kHz Low-Pass Filter Enhances NDB Reception
5th order High Pass VHF Filter, SV1BSX
Sometimes many VHF-UHF modern tranceivers have problems
5 bands remote switchable BPF, ON7EQ
The performances of this band filter are very comparable
50 MHZ low pass filter, W7GJ
Design and performance of a QRO low pass filter for 50 MHz
70Mc/s Low Pass Filter, G4IZH
This is a simple 70Mc/s low pass filter,nothing original here and it can be built in an hour
144 & 432 mhz filter, VK3NX
The attenuation in the 2m band was >80dB!! This should cure ANY TVI
Audio Filter & Speakers, K0BG
CW filter, this little jewel worked fairly well
A cheap noise reducing speaker
Spike noise is a high frequency pulse that rides
A 50MHz High Pass TVI Filter
designed to be placed in the 75 Ohm coax
A home-built low-pass filter for 4m
This unit uses four capacitors, only two of which are variables Jackson
A diode-switched band-pass filter
expensive than working with mechanical switch
A low pass filter circuit
There are applications where a particular band, or spread
An L/C audio bandpass filte, K7OEI
response to obtain the goal of a reasonable 300-2400 Hz filter
Band Filters
what happens if we combine them into a single circuit
Band-Pass Filters for HF Transceivers
band phase noise interference is not usually
Clean Up Your Signals with Band-Pass Filters
10 meter filter, all the other filters are housed
Clean Up Your Signals with Band-Pass Filters
An inside view of 160 meter and 10 meter BPF
Crystal band pass filters for QRSS applications, M0AYF
The very narrow bandwidths associated with crystal filters does not pose a problem for qrss
Coaxial Stub Filters, G3SEK
You should not need to use a narrowband filter after a transmitter
Coax Stub Filters, K2TR
stubs as described below between the amp and the antenna
Configurando filtros con un generador de ruido, LU1AR
El circuito de este generador de ruido lo bajé de la webv
Design a custom Interdigital Bandpass Filter
Fill out the form below to design a bandpass filter as described
Designed to reduce spurious NDB Low Pass Filter, K5TD
The performances of this band filter are very comparable
Design RF Filter
Design a third order low-pass Chebyshev filter with a cutoff frequency
Easy bandpass filters
A series of Bandpass Filters designed for the input tuning
Filtro Passa Basso anti TVI per HF
progettare e realizzare un filtro passa basso per applicazione TVI
Filtro anti TVI, IK0IXI
Per il punto 2, ho realizzato un RF Choke in ferrite toroidale
Filtro per l'ascolto in LF, IZ2DAY
serve per attenuare i segnali al di sopra dei 450 KHZ
Filters and Ferrites in EMC
varius filters and ferrites for solving amateur radio EMC
Filtres 144Mhz et 50 Mhz
EME traffic for example requires a radiated power
Filtro da rete per apparati, IK0RKS
Essendo rimasto lusingato dai risultati del filtro direte sull’alimentatore per gli apparati a 12 volt
Filtro ascolto LF ,IZ2DAY
Questo filtro si interpone tra voltmetro selettivo o un qualsiasi ricevitore e antenna
Filtro antidisturbo RFI per alimentatori switching PC, I6IBE
Questi filtri erano montati di serie all'interno di TUTTI gli alimentatori per Personal Computer
High Pass Filters
The basic first-order high-pass filters use the same components
How to make a coax notch or bandpass filter, DL4XAV
both stubs are 1/4 lambda the line between the stubs is 1/4 lambda
High-Pass Filter Design
A high-pass filter's task is just the opposite of a low-pass filter
High Power Lowpass Filter for 145 MHz, DJ9KW
build a low-pass filter for 145 MHz as required after power amplifiers
HF band pass filter, ON7EQ
For a 5 band filter I used following parts out of my junk box
Homebrew narrow CW filter, IK1ZYW
Besides the same performance of YF-122C, it features
Interferences and filtering
interference can be used to select a narrow frequency
Junk Box NDB Low Pass Filter
With winter approaching, many HAM and SWL hobbyists find intrigue in tuning in NDB
LC band pass filter circuit
Like many people, I have a general coverage receiver
LC Filter Design
This is an interactive design package for designing analogue
Low Pass Filter Construction
remove the insulation from the wire at the base of the core as shownv
Low Pass Filters
low-pass filter is a circuit offering easy passage to low-frequency signals
Low-Pass Active Filter Designer
This report focuses on active low-pass filter design using operational amplifiers
Mode J Desense Filter
This type of filter can be used in a Mode J satellite station
Noise suppression with X-phase II, DL0HST
QRM eliminator, of radio interference
Narrow Band-Pass filter for HF
Comparisons between Chebyshev and Butterworth filters
Online Microwave Filter Design and Analysis
This site is dedicated to design and analysis of micro- and millimeter
Passive Low Pass Filter
Basically, an electrical filter is a circuit that can be designed to modify
PCB low pass filters , PA3CSG
Describes an simple low pass filter, according to his finding suitable for 2 kW power
QLF Filter, KI5YN
The QLF filter is a microprocessor based interface designed to go between
QRM Eleminator,DC2WK
Have some times problems with local noise on the lower bands.view this project QRM Eliminator
Receiver Band-Pass Filters
attenuating the phase noise and harmonics of the typical
Realization of an anti-TVI filter
suitable spectral purity of the order of -60 dB
RF and AF Filters
A filter is a network that passes signals of certain frequencies and
RF Oscilloscope sampler, N9SJA
is an RF Oscilloscope sampler designed to connect in-between
Receiving Bandpass Filters, W3LPL
Attenuation 160-15m filters 70db rejection of other bands. 10m filte
Second-Harmonic-Optimized Low-Pass Filters
the FCC requires transmitter spurious output
SSB and CW Filter
SSB and CW Filte AF aplifiers
Some Simple Strategies for Phone RFI, W1AEX
1000 watts on 160 and 75 meters that my telephones were susceptible to fairly significant RFI problems
Technical Background of Power Filters
Several times I read articles on mains filters, especially on audio forums every
The Ladder Filter
In home-brewing a single sideband (SSB) transmitter, an essential
The NVARC Ugly Filter Project
First, this is not a construction article. This article describes
TVI and BCI Filters
Therefore we, ham radio operators, should stop TVI etc
TVI stop filter, DF9CY
filter in front of the TV or BC receiver
TVI filters, LA8AK
low-pass filters in which the unwanted high-frequency
TVi Basics - making filters
Grounding, Screening, Filtering, and Rusty Bolts Effects
Using Band-Pass Filters
The cut-off frequency or ƒc point in a simple RC passive filter can be accurately
Un semplice filtro anti TVI, IW2FND
per eliminare i disturbi di modo comune captati dal cavo coassiale
Using ferrite for interference suppression
One of the most used yet least understood techniques
Variable bandwidth cw filter
This circuit is different from other active filter circuits
Variable RF Signal Sampler
RF power into the sample port
VHF Broadcast Passband Filter, DF9CY
In some cases the input filter of a VHF Broadcast receiver for 87.5 .. 108 MHz
YCCC 6 Band Receive Bandpass filter
This is a 6-band receive only filter designed to protect your receiver
TVI filters, VK3NX
The attenuation in the 2m band was >80dB
XPhase Interference reduction,DL2SBA
The function of the XPhase is based on the fact that the interfering signal

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Band Pass Filters
Interferences and filtering
Design a custom Interdigital Bandpass Filter
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