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160mt riceiving loop antenna, N6RK
80/160m Small Receiving Loop, N3OX
80m Frame Antenna, DL1GSJ
A Crossed Field Loop Antenna for 3.5
A New Homebrew Magnetic Receive Loop at VE1ZAC
Active 3-30 MHz Hula-Loop Antenna for Shortwave
Aktiv Kortbølgeantenne
Active Ferrite Rod Antenna for HF, 08.10.2005 OH7SV
Am small loop antennas, K5DKZ
Antena de Aro loop con RG-213
Antena INJ-Mag-Loop na pasma 14/28 MHz
Antenna loop magnetica radiocomandata per gli 80 metri
Antenna loop per i 40 metri, I0ZV
Antenna loop per ricezione onde medie, IK4CIE
Antenna magnetic octagonal
Antennas for MSF 60 kHz VLF
- Antennas for the New Beacon Design
Bandpass receiving loops for 136kHz and 500kHz, M0BMU
Broadband magnetic active antenna, DK4SX
Build a simple magnetic loop antenna, ON3JT
Build magnetic loop antenna 1.5 mtrs square for 3.5/7/10 MHZ
Ciromazzoni, I3VHF
- Coaxial Cable 40m Magnetic Loop Antenna, G4FYY
Dave's Loop Antenna Page
Due antenne a quadro per onde medie e lunghe
L'antenna magnetica
Le antenne a LOOP di piccole dimensioni, IK3PQH
Loop Antennas Theory
Loop magnetico compatto, W6OAV
Loop Skywire Antenna, OZ1BXM
- Loop a telaio per Onde Medie, IT9TZZ
Loop magnetica HF, IW3HZX
Magnetic Loop Antenna, KR1ST
Magnetic Loop Antennas Receiving, W8JI
Magnetic loop for 160 - 15 metres
Magnetic loop, DL7JV
Magnetic-Loop Antenna, G4TPH
Making the LFA Loop, G0KSC
Multi-loop Rectangles and Compact Arrays, N2DT
Octoloop antenna is a shielded multiturn loop
Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna 20, 30, G4FON
Programma di calcolo del condensatore
Rim-magnetic loop for 6M, HB9MTN
Rx loop for 145mhz
Shielded receiving loop for low frequency, VE7SL
Square Open Loop Antenna, IU5HIV
Soft copper Tube Loops, ON4AKH
The DCTL Antenna Smallloop
- The Ferrite Rod Antenna
wideband active loop antenna
Magnetic 80m band receiving antenna, PA0NHC
Magnetic loops. See >>G0CWT<< for coupling a 1/4 or 1/8 wave circumference loop to the 50 Ohms coax transmission line (transformer pri:sec 3:2 or 9:2).=>>The C must be at the BOTTOM for better NVIS radiation<<= That aspect is not mentioned in your article. See my practicle construction at : .It works well here, perfect match, wide bandwidth.A thicker radiator could make 4-5 dB more signal when used with 1/8 lambda cirumference. Nico.

Calculator Antennas Loop

Automatic Magnetic Loop Antenna Controller, K3JLS
AM loop antennas
La Loop magnetique, F3DD
Magnetic loop antenna, PA3ECT
Practical Experiments with Magnetic Loop antennas, PA3HBB
Rockloop Antenna, DL1GSJ
Small loop antenna

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