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4-square array for the 40m-band,OZ1RDP
Switching box of the 4-square array connectors for HF
4 Vertical phased array for 80 meter, VE6FI
the verticals are almost 0.25 wavelengths high and are 0.25 wavelengths
2 Element Vertical Array for 160M and 80M, VK3PA
project I wanted to erect two 40-meter stand-alone verticals
Dual loop antenna system,PA0SIM
A combination of two rotating broadband magnetic
A Two-Transistor Phaser for 80 10 meters,PA0SIM
I noticed that I really did not use it in the array application
4 Square Antenna in theory and practice
It is an antenna system which
Remote Control Box of 4 Square K9AY Array ,SP3KEY
Computer Modeled 4 Square K9AY Array will really operate
4-Square for 80-75 Meter,K9ES
The Four-Square was developed in the 1980
The 4-Square Site,80 meter ,NA4L
constructed of number 12,stranded,insulated copper wire
The 4-Square Site,80/160 Antenna,W1MX
Resonant at 3.4 MHZ, series cap for 80m operation, loading coil for 160m
80M & Phased Vertical Antenna,G3WZT
system in use here on 80M is a 3 Element, in line, phased vertical array
Phased arrays,K5QY
2- and 3-Element 80 m Phased Verticals
Phased 40M Wire Verticals, VA7S
The wire verticals are 1/4-wavelength about 33' tall at 7.050 mhz
A 3-Element 160 Meter Vertical Array,N6LF
4-square was transformed into two reversible 3-element arrays
3-Element 160-Meter Array at, KC1XX
upgrade the 160-meter antenna system
Five element parasitic vertical array
Buried radial system has been under construction for many years
Single Support Gain Antennas for 80 and 160 Meters
On 80 and 160 meters an antenna with modest gain
The 40m 4-square on a 4-channel Oscilloscope,ON4WW
the verticals for the 40m 4-square
The 4 Square Site,ON4AEK
The first 8m of one vertical, isolated from the base
Two element phased vertica system for 40 meter, W4NFR
The Two Verticals are spaced 32 feet apart
Simple 3 element phased array, Kc0VKN
simple construction setup an tunig noticiable gain and directivity
4-Square Array for Improved Front-to-Back Ratio, K3LC
This article explains how to improve the front-to-back (F/B) ratio of the classic
80 Meter Vertical Array Details, VE6FI
built a phased array of four in-line verticals for 80 meters
A 4 Square antenna for 80 Meters, PY2YP
Verticals antennas do require a lot of room for properly working
Four-Square Antenna Experiences
Four verticals located in the corners of a square that is one-quarter wavelength
Feed2EL Feed Systems for a Two-Element Phased Array
An Excel workbook to aid in the design of a feed system for a typical two-element phased array

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