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4-square array for the 40m-band,OZ1RDP
Switching box of the 4-square array connectors for HF
4 Vertical phased array for 80 meter, VE6FI
the verticals are almost 0.25 wavelengths high and are 0.25 wavelengths
2 Element Vertical Array for 160M and 80M, VK3PA
project I wanted to erect two 40-meter stand-alone verticals
3-Element 160-Meter Array at, KC1XX
upgrade the 160-meter antenna system
4 Square Antenna in theory and practice
It is an antenna system which
The triple 4-SQUARE Project, ON4WW
Cutting the 12 quarter wave 75 Ohm coaxial feed lines..
4-Square Array for Improved Front-to-Back Ratio, K3LC
This article explains how to improve the front-to-back (F/B) ratio of the classic
80M & Phased Vertical Antenna,G3WZT
system in use here on 80M is a 3 Element, in line, phased vertical array
80 Meter Vertical Array Details, VE6FI
built a phased array of four in-line verticals for 80 meters
80 Meter Four Square Antenna ,K1LZ
Comtek system for its vertical antenna arrays
80m 4-Square Array, K7EM
This array the SWR from 3.5 to 3.9 is below 1.5:1
160m-6m Directional Array
Stealth Generation 4 - 22-element 160m-6m Directional Array
A Two-Transistor Phaser for 80 10 meters,PA0SIM
I noticed that I really did not use it in the array application
A 4 Square antenna for 80 Meters, PY2YP
Verticals antennas do require a lot of room for properly working
A 3-Element 160 Meter Vertical Array,N6LF
4-square was transformed into two reversible 3-element arrays
Dual loop antenna system,PA0SIM
A combination of two rotating broadband magnetic
Directional arrays
A phased array antenna is composed of lots of radiating elements
Four-Square Antenna Experiences
Four verticals located in the corners of a square that is one-quarter wavelength
Feed2EL Feed Systems for a Two-Element Phased Array
An Excel workbook to aid in the design of a feed system for a typical two-element phased array
Hex Array - 80/40 Meter Vertical
It's a 6-element vertical array which is designed for 40 and 80 meter operation
Remote Control Box of 4 Square K9AY Array ,SP3KEY
Computer Modeled 4 Square K9AY Array will really operate
Single Support Gain Antennas for 80 and 160 Meters
On 80 and 160 meters an antenna with modest gain
Simple 3 element phased array, KC0VKN
simple construction setup an tunig noticiable gain and directivity
The 4-Square Site,80/160 Antenna,W1MX
Resonant at 3.4 MHZ, series cap for 80m operation, loading coil for 160m
The 40m 4-square on a 4-channel Oscilloscope,ON4WW
the verticals for the 40m 4-square
Three halfwave verticals phased with homebrew ladder line
Phased 40M Wire Verticals, VA7S
The wire verticals are 1/4-wavelength about 33' tall at 7.050 mhz
Two element phased vertica system for 40 meter, W4NFR
The Two Verticals are spaced 32 feet apart
The 4 Square Site,ON4AEK
The first 8m of one vertical, isolated from the base

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