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3cm 1W PA, PE1KXH .
40 Meter Rotatable Dipole, K6IF/W6BDN .
44/28 MHz Transverter, I1KFH .
6AQ5 CW Transmitter, K5DH .
6m Yagi-Uda Antenna Computer Simulation Design .
A 2 MHz Transverter Project, VE3CVG .
A Complete 13.8 Volt, 20 Amp PSU, G4KUB .
AComputer-Aided Antenna Modelling .
Adattatori d'impedenza .
Amateur Radio Construction Projects, K0JD .
An Examiniation of the Gamma Match .
Antenna Fundamental, N1BWT .
Antenna Modeling Software, AC6LA .
Antenna Trimming Chart .
Antenna a Stealth Vertical Dipole .
Below is my old dipole, W3KM .
Bolometer 10GHz -ON7AMI .
Condensatore variabile auto-costruito .
Construction Details for 50MHz-Yagis, DK7ZB .
Controlled Impedance "Cheap" Antennas, WA5VJB .
DIP Meter, I1FLC .
Delta loop per i 20 metri .
Examples of Thread-on and Crimp Type N connectors .
Free Yagi Antenna Designs for Ham Radio, G0KSC .
Frequency Counter, EI9GQ .
From Longwire to Yagi .
Home brew HF SSB transceiver, VK3EPW .
Homebrew ladder line,M0DAD .
Homebrew RF Test Equipment and Software .
Iambic keyer, EI9GQ .
Installing Wire Antennas in trees .
Inexpensive LDF 4 Termination Method .
Keyer ETM-5C Elektronik, DD2NU .
LC Meter Digitale, IN3NNT .
- LC meter with microcontrollore PIC, VK3BHR .
LC meter, TK5EP Preview
LC meter con display LCD, IW1CGW Preview
Log Periodic of Another Sort .
Look at the RFD Resonant Feedline Dipole, N5ESE .
Losses in yagi antenna elements at 413 MHz .
Measuring Inductors using a frequency counter .
Millivolmetro digitale a tre cifre, IW2FND .
Modifica TL-922, IW1PUR .
Modifica Rotore Antenna AR33, IV3GFN .
Non-relay instant RF Switching, G8MNY .
Projects, M1HOG .
Satellite Passband Frequency Tracking on Older RadiosFT290/790, G6LVB .
Simple electronic keyer, N1HFX .
Simple Noise Generator, ON7AMI .
The Dipole Antenna .
The dipper, VE3DNO .
The inverted dipole is a very popular antenna .
The Skew-Planar Wheel Antenna .
This Old Dipole .
TRX Sequencer, IW1AU-IZ1BCH .
UHF Series connectors .
VHF/UHF Long Yagi Workshop .
Very Accurate LC Meter based on PIC16F84A IC .
Wifi VSWR Meter, PE2ER .
Yagi antenna information page, GM3WOJ - ZL1CT .


Simple L/C Meter
This project is a simple LC meter based on PIC16F682A mcu.
Digital Multimeters
Easy to read digital multimeters from Circuit Specialists offer special safety features which help prolong the tool’s life span. Both accurate and reliable, these multimeters are perfect for many electrical applications.

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