Click Votes Software Antenna *
A Windows program for transmission lines
Antenna design and building software
Ariel 30 HF wire antenna design
Bazooka Calculator
Coax Cable loss and SWR calculator
Coax Dipole Calculator
CoaxTrap, VE6YP
Discone Antenna Design
Download von Programmen, DK7ZB
Download Yagi-Uda design program, DL6WU
Free Software Download Inductor Design Software
Helix Antenna
Insertion Loss Calculator (ILCALC) v2.10
LogPeriodic calculator
MacEchoTelem live telemetry
- Meter and MeterBasic
MacLoggerDX Telnet DXCluster
Magnetic Loop Designer
Measure and display the radiation pattern of a beam antenna, G4HFQ
Parabola Calculator version 2.0
Practical High Performance HF Log Periodic Antennas
Program to reveal the load on the output of a matching network
Program for designing Class E amplifiers
Quagi Designer
RF Toolbox is an antenna design
Stacked Antenna Program
SWR calculator
TX Line
The Windows program for designing helical-resonator-based filters
Transmission Line equations for Windows
Transmission Line program that computes
YagiMax Antenna Design
Zeland Software,EM Simulation, Electromagnetic Antenna


Astro Photography, DF9CY
Audio Tools and Electronics Software
CC Cluster Software, VE7CC
Current WSPR Release Version 1.01
Download page for SVCfilter filter design program
DX Cluster Resource Connection
GMFSK is a multimode HF terminal program for Linux
Integrated CW and Voice Keyer Dialog
Memorial to G4FGQ - QRP SITE Free Radio Computer Programs
MixWBuddy Makes Changing Modes in MixW Easier, K1PGV
Programma Calcolo delle formule di utilizzo pił comune fra i radioamatori
Programmes MULTIPSK Version 4.10, F6CTE
S Meter Lite Software
S Meter Lite Software, W8WWV
Software for digital modes
The Smith Chart program with its extensive Help files
Wireless Field Day Log Program, WB6ZQZ
Monitor employees
Download key logger free application to trace keystroke activities and monitors chat conversions and video clippings etc
PstRotator - antenna rotor control
PstRotator is a program for antenna rotators control. It works with a wide variety of rotators, supports a lot of loggers DX cluster clients, satellites and moon trackers, and supports multiuser remote operation over the Internet. The user interface offers a selection of methods for pointing and display. The program provides also full support for the SteppIR antennas.
Ham Radio Resources
Amateur radio resources including ham radio software, cd roms, hamfest calendar, call sign search, weather, links, amateur radio news, maidenhead map with bearing, distance and grid and even games.
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