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Adattamenti di impendenza, IK0ZIZ
Alford slot antennit 1.3GHZ JA 2.3GHZ taajuuksill
Antenna Elmer
A Long-wire Aerial for Six Metres, GW0GHF
Antenna Theory
Antenna Trimming Chart
Antennas raccourcies, F1RFM
An Introduction to Antenna Basics
Basic Antenna Theory
Ground Problems
HamWeb Introduzione alle antenne, I3HEV
How's Your SWR, N3UJJ
K9AY 4 Square by Bogdan SP3RBR
La prima antenna, IT9RID
Longwave Information Details of my 136 kHz station, DK8KW
Measuring SWR
MFJ-269 Review, VK2Z
Nozioni teoriche e tecniche antenna dipolo
Practical Dipole Antenna
Rilievo della carica e scarica del condensatore con il cronometro
Roofspace Antennas
Single-stub matching of transmission lines to loads
Tableau des longueurs d'onde par bande
The mark 2 Crossfield Antenna
Trasformatori per antenne attive, IW4BLG
What Antenna Should I Use to Hear Jupiter

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