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Antenna beamwidth calculator

Enter the diameter of your parabolic dish in m metres

Antenna Circular Polarization, SV1BSX

Space communication has forced the use of Circular polarization

Advanced Satellite Tracking Interface

ST2 is an advanced Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface

Control your Antennas with a Digital Pot, AA2TX

Automatic antenna tracking makes working the amateur

Diy satellite tracker

It is a simple arduino-based motorized azimuth and elevation rotator that uses dc motors to move the antenna

Freeware for satellite tracking and antenna positionning

tracking interfaces : PourSat, FODTrack, EA4TX, GS232, EASYCO

FodTrack Automatic Satellite Tracking Rotors Controller

The world's best beloved realtime satellite tracking system

How to build a homebrew Elevation system,SV1BSX

The actuator is a cheap and heavy tool with high enough torque

Inclined orbit operation of geostationary satellites

Once a satellite has been placed accurately into

MoonSked by GM4JJJ

The Complete Moonbounce Scheduling and Tracking solution

PstRotator - Software for Antenna Rotators,YO3DMU

PstRotator includes automatic tracking for satellite or EME communications,and supports multiuser remote control over TCP/IP

Real time satellite tracking,N2YO

A geosynchronous satellite is a satellite whose orbital track on the Earth

Satellite Orbit Calculator

Calculates the orbital radius and period, and flight velocity from the orbital altitude
Setting up a system to receive Meteosat-8

Receiving meteosat-goes, himawari-metop-avhrr and atovs data from the eumetcast dvb-s2 service

Satellite Tracker Interface, WA8SME

This particular project is designed to interface the Yaesu G-5500

SatPC32 u. Wisat32 - Satelliten-Software,DK1TB

descriptions and screenshots of my programs for satellite tracking and antenna


Visual satellite observing

Satpro shop for all your Satellite Systems


Home of SATSOFT Satellite Antenna Design and Systems

SatTrack Suite

SatTrack an orbit dynamics software package used at the MOC


STSORBIT PLUS Space Shuttle and Satellite Tracking Software


PocketPC2003 and Pocket PC2003 SE (AKA Windows Mobile


satellite orbit prediction, tracking, and radio communication


With WIM you can easily read scientific datasets


The world's best weather satellite (WXsat) signal to image decoder

WXtrack Satellite tracking

WXtrack is free, and is one of the best tracking programs

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