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20 - 30 Meter Trap Antenna, W0XI
20 / 40 Meter Short Coil Loaded Dipole
20 Meter Vertical Zepp Dipole
40 & 80 m Portable Trapped Dipole
40 & 80 meter trap dipole
80 Meter Loading Coil
80/40m Trap Dipole
40M Triangular Full-Wave Vertical Loop Antenna, W5DXP
160-80-40m TRAP Dipol Antenna, TA7KAP
160/80/40 meter band trapped dipole, SM2YER
A trapped dipole for 80m and 40m using bootstrap coax traps
A Co-ax Trap Dipole For 40, 30 and 20 Meters, AA7EE
A 5 band trap antenna, ON9CVD
An introduction to the air cored coil
An Attic Coaxial-Cable Trap Dipole for 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 80 Meters
An introduction to the air cored coil
Antenna Matching Coil Adjustment Procedure
Antenna Trap, WA7JHZ
Air-Core Coil Inductance Calculator
Autocostruzione e tarature trappole HF, IK4PKK
Antenneperikelen van, PA3HGT
Coax Traps from a Modeling Perspective, NC4FB
Coaxial cable traps antenna, VK4YEH
Build a Space-Efficient dipole Antenna for 40, 80, and 160 Meters
Build an antenna for 40 and 80, ON3JT
Build Your Own Transmitting Air Variable Capacitors
Building Coaxial Cable Traps
Building High Power, High Q, Loading Coils
Build a 12/17 Meter Trap Dipole, AD5X
Coaxial Traps forMultiband Antennas,the True Equivalent Circuit
COAX traps, ON7EQ
Coaxial Traps, VE6YP
- Coaxial Traps Grid-dip” meter method
Coil Design
Coil Designer, VU2FD
Cool It, G8UBJ
Current Through a 75m Bugcatcher Loading Coil, W5DXP
Costruire tappole per hf
Come misurare le trappole con l'analizzatore d'antenna, IW2FND
Cushcraft Trap Coaxial Capacitor Repair
Full Sized Dipole With Loading Coils, VE3KL
Goedkoop op 80/40 en 20/10 meter met tuner, PA3HMP
High-Q Coil Construction Techniques
Helical Coil
Jar Capacitance Calculator For Coils
Le mie sloper per 80/160 Lunghe solo MT. 17,50, IK4DCS
Low-loss wire traps, ON7EQ
Low Cost Antenna Traps, VK4ADC
La Trampa Balun, LU6ETJ
Multiband trap antenna
RF Inductance Calculator, ON4AA
Repairing Unadilla W2VS 40m Antenna Traps, K4LRG
Rebuilding Yagi Traps, VE1ZA
Software Solenoids, transmission lines and antennas, G4FGQ
Simple Building and Tuning of Traps, DK7ZB
Set-up di misura per tappole, IW2FND
Some hints/tips on how to assemble nice COAX TRAPS
Set-Up di misura per trappole, IW2FND
Stranded wire in coils, N1FD
Trapped five band EFHW SOTA antenna, VK3IL
The Almost All Digital Electronics L/C Meter
The Making of a Dipole Trap Antenna, KF7GT
The Battle Creek Special Antenna
Trap Dipole for 17, 12 and 6 Metre Amateur Bands, G3NGD
Trappole per antenna HF
Trap Dipole, K5DKZ
Trappole o bobine di carico coassiali
Trap for 7 mhz W3DZZ Antenne, PA0FRI
Trap on coaxial cable Igor Grigorov, RK3ZK
TrapDip program
Trapped Dipole Radio Antennas
Trapped dipole antennas, VK3ZPF
Trappole circuiti L C, IK3PQH
Trappola per dipolo 40/80m, I6DVX
The W3DZZ antenna for 40 and 80 meter band, OZ6YM
Trap dipole antenna, ZL1BJQ
Traps-about antenna traps
Traps antenna 40/20 meter, PA3HMP
Trap construction 30/40/80/160, G3UPA
Trappole per dipoli
Troubleshooting Traps
Tuning HF Coaxial Antenna Traps, VK4ADC
Quick Trapped 15/20m Dipole, VK3YY
Variable Inductor Design, N4ZOU
Verticale 10 MHz con bobine
Why I Don't Like Trap Antennas
Wire trap for 12m WARC band, ON7EQ

Production Commercial

Multiband Antenna Traps
- Inverted-V Antenna for 3.5, 7, 14, 21 & 28 MHz, VK4ADC

Calculator Coil

Air Core Inductor Inductance Calculator
Antenna Trap Design
Horizontal Indoor Antenna includes the use of loading coils VE3KL
Calcul rapide d'un bobinage Calculate number of turns of a coil
Circuits bouchons Antenna traps
Common Coils
Impédance des condensateurs et des bobines Coils or capacitors
Calculator Inductance of a single layer Air core Coil by KB5RYO
Coil Designer, VU2FD
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