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Antenna da balcone, per chi non ha spazio
post 23 Apr 2022

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Building short trap dipole
a QST article for a short 40, 80 and 160 meter trap dipole, I decided to pursue construction of this antenna, and bend the 160 meter end wire, if necessary to fit into the yard

Antena para 40 e 80 metros tipo W3DZZ
This antenna is equivalent to a simple dipole in 40 meters, since the traps are equivalent to an insulator

Three Double-Extended Zepps
The antenna can also be powered with a 300 ohm TV two-wire line, but it is preferable that the power supply is via a stub

Adattare l'impedenza della discesa a 50 ohm con il valore tipico di questa antenna, che sia aggira intorno ai 300 ohm

Dual band Antenna 80/40 loaded coil inverted V
Antenna 40-80m, inverter "V" SWR results are quite good at 3.799