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7N2JCH Antennas 430 Mhz
7J4AAL 5 element full size 3.5-3.8 mhz
Amateurradio-Station DK7ZB
Carsten Groen - OZ9AAR
EH 40mt, IM0JZJ
F6KFT Antenne loop magnétique
G4FON - A Portable Multi-Band Magnetic Loop Antenna
IK1MNJ Super Quad
I1NDP'S UHF Station
JA7KPI H-Hentenna for 14MHz
JH1QKG Antennas 2400,430,144
JO1DZA 40m 5el FullSize Yagi
JR1CFP Joe in Ibaraki
80 meter 4 element yagi, VE6JY
K8CU HF 10-30 MHz Log Periodic Antenna
KC1XX antennas
K5LAD's Antenna Farm
KC7NOD Loop antennas
LP-3 Standard H-Field Antenna - user's manual
Loop Antenna
The Gallery of the EME Arrays
The Quarter-wave stub, LA8OKA
W1JR Type 18MHz 4el
W5AJ Rohn 25G tower
WB9Z working on his 40 meter Yagi
Weak Signal VHF by Tim Marek - K7XC EME Photos

HAM RADIO - ANTENNAS PROJECTS">A 2-element 1/2 wave collinear J-Pole, KB8OJH
Balun 1:4 UNBAL to BAL
1 to 1 balun, VK5ZVS
1:4 Balun by DK7ZB
1.8mhz only 40 meters
40m Ground Mounted Four-Square
80m full size 1/4 wave GPA
40 meter moxon antenna
136 kHz page, VK1SV
160 Meter short TX loop antenna
160m vertical antenna system, DK1NO
2 Meter Slim Jim Antenna
2 Meter 5 Element Quad, KN7F
2 Meter J-Pole by N6BG
2 Meter Turnstile Antenna WB8ERJ
2.4 GHZ. High Gain Antenna Construction WB8ERJ
4X4 Slimtenna By Eli Kovo 4X4LH
5 el yagi for 144mhz by N6BG
5-Element-Yagi für das 2m-Band, DK7ZB
5/8 vertical antenna for 2 mt
10-Meter Vertical
136kHz antenna, DJ1YFK
Above 500 metre Centre feed Sloper antenna ZL3SV
SWR Meter, N2PK
A Quadrifilar Helix Antenna for 137 MHz
Antenna delta loop per la banda dei 6 metri 50 mhz
A Wire Beam Design for 80 meters, KY1H
A Quad-Helix Antenna For Hydrogen Line SETI
A 144 MHz Halo, IW3HZX
A Six element antenna for the 50 MHz
A Simple Loop Antenna for 500 KHz, WA1ZMS
Accordatori di antenna
Antenna VHF tipo JPOLE
All about Transmission lines
Antena OSJ dual band VHF / UHF com um cabo so.
Antenna Morgain 40-80 metri 80-160,IM0JZJ
Antena Doble Bazooka para 2 metros,CE6TRA
Antena TOPFKREIS 435mhz
Antena Dipolo W3DZZ
Antenne G5RV, F5ZV
Antenna design Yagi 50 MHz 5el-144 MHz
Antennas Slingshot 144mhz
Antenna Attiva HF IW0HCC
An Attic Coaxial-Cable Trap Dipole
Antenna directivity estimator
Antenna Theory
Antenna yagi 3 elementiper i 50 Mhz
Antennas 2m-70cm super jpole, VE3ELB
Antenne G5RV
Antenna HB9 portatile per i 2 metri
Antenne verticale fusil à 3 coups
Antenne yagi 800 MHz 6 elements, F6GVH
Antenne directive HB9CV
Antenne Zeppelin
An LF receiving loop
Antena para 40 e 80 metros tipo W3DZZ
Antenna morgain 40-80 m
Atv antenna direttiva Yagi 10 elementi 23cm
Balanced Self Matching Feed Line,KE4UYP
Beverage Antenna Construction
Bootstrap coax traps for antennas
Coaxial Cable Dipole for 10MHz
Double Bazooka for 10m, DL1GSJ
6 & 2 Meter
Dipolo rotativo para hf, XE1RM
Controlled Impedance "Cheap" Antennas Kent Britain WASVJB
El Dipolo G5RV, LU9DPD
A Receiving Loop for Long Waves, DF3LP
The Birch Tree Antenna, DF3LP
BLT tuner qrp station,KC8AON
Dipolo per i 160 metri (di soli 40 mt) caricato al centro
Dipolo W3DZZ
Dipolo trappolato per le bande dei 20m e 40m
Dipolo semplice
Dipolo multibanda FD4-FD3
Dipolo multibanda G5RV
Dipolo trappolato per 40-80metri
Dipole / Inverted Vee Antenna Design
Dipolo 20, 40 y 80 Mts. con bobinas, CE4WJK
Discone antenna LA0KOA
Doug's Shielded Loop Antenna Page
Double bazooka coaxial dipole antenna
Double Zepp, or Dipole, WB0JNR
Double Bazooka service intense HD
End-Fed Half Wave Antenna Tuner - Wiring
Easy to build Deltaloop für 50MHz
EH STAR 14 Mhz
End Fed Halfwave and Tuner For 80-160, N0lX
Gama Match 10,15 y 20 Mts
GSM antenna 937.8 MHz
HALO Una semplice antenna 144mhz by IWØBTN
Hexagonal Beam by K4KIO
Hexbeam The new 5-band Broadband, G3TXQ
Helical Antenna, JH1CMP
Horizontaland sloper antennas, PA0NCV
HALO 144 Mhz
IK2WBH EH Antenna
AMSAT Oscar 40
A Stealthy HF Coat Hanger Antenna, KR1ST
Magnetic Loop Antenna,PA0RWE
Magnetische Loop-Antennen
Morgain per i 40 e gli 80 metri, IZ1NER
N9FH automatic antenna controller
Long Wire Balun 9:1
Log-Periodic experiments,IS0IEK
L'antenne 6M de VE2MID
Low Cost Satellite Antennas
Magnetic loop, DL7JV
Magnetique 27-28 MHz
MORGAIN 40 e 80 m
Magnetic Loop Antenna, ON4CEQ
Multiband End Fed Half Wave EFHW Antenna
NVIS - a super gain antenna project
NDBs - Non-Directional Beacons
New Helix Antenna Design- AF9Y
OTRSP Antenna Selector
Projects, M1HOG
PI4CC - Shortened 160 meter vertical
Practical Experiments with Magnetic Loop antennas, PA3HBB
Projetos de pipas.Excelente para levantar uma antena!
Receiving loop aerials for 1.8 MHz
Ramblings on the open wire feedline multiband antenna
Radiated Antenna Pattern Measurement on a budget
Software Defined Radio SDR, AC8GY
Sattelliteatenne LA0KOA
Sslim jim antenna project
Simulations of a 4-bay array of Yagi 144mhz (PDF file)
Stacked double SLOT antennas for 23cm, 13cm,9cm, 6cm, 3cm
Stacking Yagi Antennas
The Voice Keyer,SM3WMV
The DDRR antenna
The Simple 2m
The VHF Quagi
The Compact Quad Multiband HF Antenna, ZS6AA
Tower for 80mt 3.650 et 3.780 Khz -by F5WH
Un commutatore d'antenna Low Cost
Vertical open stub antenna 40/20 meter
Vertical Dipole Antenna
VHF End-Fed Half-Wave J-Pole
VSWR to return loss conversion
Quad 2 element 3 band 10 15 20mt
Quad 2 elementi per 144 Mhz
Quad Swiss Portabel,DH1PLY
Quad 4 elementi per 144 Mhz
Shortened antenna Windom for bands 160 and 80 meters
Test measure balun, and compare antenna baluns or balums, W8JI
What is Numerical Electromagnetics Code
wire yagi 3 element
Vertical Antenna for 7.05 MHz
Z-Match Portable Antenna Tuner, W5JH
Z-Match Antenna Tuner
ZL speciale 10mt


Antenna design, antennas & Radio Products
Titanex Log-Periodic Antennas
U.S. Tower Corporation
HEX-BEAM Hamproject

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