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160 Meter Transmitting Antennas at W8JI
430 Mhz Band at JL1ZCG
ALL Band Antenna JG1XLV
IW5DHN Array 4x7 elements yagi for 50 Mhz
JO1DZA 5el for 40 mt
JL8GFB Antennas farm
JA5CJZ 4el for 40mt
JA1ELY 2el 80 quad
Ken Harker WM5R
KC2HAX S Band (2.4 GHz) S2 Transmitter Helix Antenna
KC2HAX Antennas-AO-40 satellite
NR4M 40 meter tower
N4AF homepage
PE3HMP Antennas
The 2m EME antenna system, OK1RD
WX0B Jay Terleski Sunnyvale Texas
W8JI The tower is for omni-directional pattern on 160
Welcome to the JA2TKO
Welcome to the N5AU Station Tour


3-Bandantenne fuer 2m, 6m und ein KW band ab 14 MHz,DL4XAV
23 Cm Beam, W6PLQ
3 x 3/4 l 2 meter Vertical antenna
6 meter rotable delta loop, KK5ID
7-Element-Yagis stacked for the 2m-Band
18 MHz 4el YAGI
23cm / 13cm double-eight antennas
Trap Dipole 7, 10, 14, 18, 50 MHz, DJ9RB
80 Meter Frame Antenna
Balun 9:1 long wire, CT1CKP
3-Element 160-Meter Array at, KC1XX
80m Band, Top using 2 elevated radials
80m Band, Short Dipole-DJ9RB
136 kHz transmitter vxo - IK2PII
160m INVERTED-L / 12m SpiderPole
160m mini portable End Fed Half Wave Tuner, VK5ZVS
AO-40 70cm Uplink Antenna
Accoppiatore coassiale
A Coax Switch PA0FRI
Arduino ATU for EFHW 20/40m antenna & Icom TRX
A Lowband Antenna that is Almost Free-DX on 80M and 160M
Die Delta-Loop, DC6VA
A QRP Transmatch ATU,DL1GSJ
A Helix antenna for 2 metre satellite
All Band NVIS Antenna Designs
Antenna VHF tipo JPOLE
Audio Filter & Speakers, K0BG
Antena Delta loop 2 elements
Antena para Radiogoniometria de 2 x 1/4 onda
Antena Doble Bazooka para 2 metros,CE6TRA
Antena 6 elementos para 432 Mhz
Antena loop de quadro eficiente para Ondas Médias
4 elements Yagi 10 meter band, 9w2dal
Yagi 14 elementi autocostruita per PMR446
7-Element-Yagis in 28-Ohm-Design stacked for the 2m-Band, DK7ZB
Antenna Switches, W8WWV
Antenna Analyzer 0.1-180 MHz,IW3HEV
Antena TOPFKREIS 435mhz
Antenna Eh for 20mt, IK5XCT
Antenne en J alimentée par un câble coaxial
Antenne Potpourri
Antenne en J alimentée par une ligne bifilaire
Antena vertical top band
Antenne verticale à jupe
Antenne verticale colinéaire
Antenna Commutabile 80/160 mt
Antenne verticale Topfkreis
Antenne verticale VHF ou UHF Slim Jim
Antenne yagi 121,5 à éléments pliés
Antenna YAGI a 6 elementi per i 2 metri
An 8-Element Wideband Yagi for 70-cm
A Portable Antenna for Mode B and J Satellites
Bande des 11 m doublet 27mhz
Bi-Quad per la banda dei 23 cm 1,2 GHz-ATV
Balun 9:1, I6IBE
Building A 2-meter J-Pole Antenna
Boomer Yagi
BV6 Yagis, DJ9BV-yagis for 6m
Can feed for 13 cm
Collinear-Dipole VHF, SV1BSX
Complex bandpass filters
Coaxial Resonators, ZL1BTB
Dummy Load 120w
Delta Loop capovolta, I2BGL
Delta loop 50 Mhz
Delta Loop antenna for six metres, PE1OPM
Delta Loop 144MHz
Delta loop 10-15-20mhz, IK4DCS
Dipole vertical demi-onde
Dipolo rigido per 10 ed 11 mt.
Dismantable Yagi for the bands 10-17m
Doublet demi-onde
EH 40mt,IM0JZJ
EH Antenna 7 mhz, IZ7DJR
Top-loaded Vertical Aerial
Effective HF Mobile Antennas
End-Fed Half-Wave Antennas
Elements Quad 14,21,28mhz 2nd Reflector System
Endfed 6 - 40 Meter multiband Antenna
FM Dipole for 88-108 MHz
Fai-da-te per estendere il Wi-Fi
Half wave dipole,OK1IKE
Helix antenna design and construction details
Helix antenne
6 antenna switch projects
Homemade 144MHz 2m Yagi Beam, M0UKD
High-pass filter
5 Element Yagi Antenna
Helix 435MHz 12 turn Helix Antenna, VE2ZAZ
Helix antenne
High pass filters design
Homebrew QRP Z match ATU,VA3STL
Isotron antenne van PAØUNT en PA1AMS Voor de 80m band
Inverted L Antenna Info WH2T
I.F. Amplifier Filters
Interfaces TACLog
J-pole,145 mhz,VHF antenna
J-Pole Antenna
KC2HAX Portable DSS Offset Dish
KE4UYP 80 m 3/4 wave LLV
K3TZ Optimized 2.4GHz Patch
K9AY 4 Square by Bogdan SP3RBR
Le dipole replie
LA1IC Coax-fed sloping longwire
L'antenne Bobtail
L'antenne Beverage
Loop Magnético RX
Le dipole symetrise par gamma-match
Loop - A Compact Antenna for 10.1, 14 & 21 Mhz Bands
Loop 1.5-30 MHz with preamplifier
Levy high vertical strips,F5AD
M0MCX Tower Project
Modifica TL-922
Meter Sleeve Dipole Antenna
Match for Yagis
Magnetic Loop Antenna- 7N3WVM
Magnetique 27-28 MHz, F6BCU
Magnetic antenne for ulf
Morgain 80-160mt
Morgain 40-80mt
Open Wire Feeder Construction
Parabola per 2.4 Ghz ATV
Preamplificatore d'antenna 144 Mhz per satelliti
PD0JMC and PE3HMP - homemade 7 elem crossyagi
Portable HF Transmitting Loop Antenna
Practical Experiments with Magnetic Loop antennas
PIC controlled CW/BPSK beacon transmitter
QFH Antenna The Quadrifilar Helical antenna
Receiving antennas simple
Roofspace Antennas
Stacking & Transformation
Small Transmitting Loop Project, KK5JY
PE3HMP traps antenna
Simple Interfaces for FSK, PTT & CW Keying, AA5AU
Swedish EH Antenna Group
Swiss-quad for 144Mhz, F6KCZ
Un préamplificateur 144MHz
Using Metal Booms to Support AMSAT Antennas
The halfwave dipole
The G5RV multi-band antenna
The FD4 Windom
The FD4 Windom
The 80 Meter Inverted Vee
Triband Yagi for 6 m, 4 m and 2 m
The Las Vegas Boulevard Tracker
The GM4JMU Shortened 7Mhz Dipole
Tableau des longueurs d'onde par bande
This attenuator is designed for 50 ohms
Transformateur d’adaptation pour antenne 9:1 balun
Une antenne 10 metres pour station portable
Vertical HF multiband antenna V8, 9A4ZZ
Medium Wave Survey for Central Europe
Verticale pour les bandes 80, 40 et 30m et 160m, F6IRF
VHF antenna construction
vertical 80m balloon antenna, G1EX
Coupled Tuner LCT, WZ5Q
What Antenna Should I Use to Hear Jupiter?
Windom Antennas
D3+ High Performance Antennas for Field Day- W5GI
W8JI EH antennas and CFA antenna
Yagis by DJ9BV-for 432MHz
Z-match 8 bandes


Antennas and Propagation, VE3SQB
AM Radio Loop Antenna Page
EME Products M2inc
Hi-Q-Antennas for HF Ham Radio Mobile Operation
Titanex High Tech HF Antennas Vetical 10mt
WiFi Antennas-Super Cantenna Wireless Booster Antenna

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