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Comets & Meteor Showers
DOC of Colorgramme WMeteor v 3.2 On Line
High Speed Meteor Scatter exchanges
HSCW and HSMS reflector
International Meteor Organization
Let's talk Meteors
Live meteor echoes
Radio Meteor Observatory's On Line
Meteor scatter basics, AA7A
Meteor scatter
Meteor scatter radioastronomia
Meteor scatter, make more miles on VHF, DK3XT
Meteor Scatter, N1BUG
Meteor Scatter, OZ2M
Meteor Shower 2012
METEOR software
NASA Astrobilogy
Operating procedures for meteor scatter qso
Sam's Meteor Radio Echo Page, K5KJ
TK5JJ JJ Filippi
World dx above 50 mhz, DK5YA
WSJT is the name of a computer program
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