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3 element Yagi antenna, ON6MU
4 elementos para 6 metros
4 and 2 Element Quad Antennas for the 6m Band, G4AONX
4el. Hentenna for 50MHz, JA7KPI
45-70 MHz aerials for TV DX
50Mhz 6 Element Yagi, G3PT
50MHz-Lambda/2-Vertical, DK7Z
50MHz-Yagis, DK7ZB
70 MHz - 50-MHz reflector Hentenna, DK7ZB
6 and 2 Meter Square Copper Dipoles
6 Meter 5/8 Wave Vertical Antenna, G3JVL
6 Meter rotable delta loop, KK5ID
6m Deltaloop, PE1MWB
6m-Half-wave-vertical, DK7ZB
6 inches -15.24 cm -Tommer Antennen
8 element 41 foot boom, N6CA
Antenna JPOLE 50 Mhz
Antenna yagi3 elementi per i 50 Mhz, IK5MEN
Antenne Halo sur 50 Mhz, F6CHT
Bicycle Rim Magnetic Loop for 6m, HB9MTN
BV6 Yagis-yagis for 6m, DJ9BV
Coaxial-Dipol antenne bestaende av en antennepisk
DDRR antenna for 6M, HB9MTN
Delta loop 50 MHz, IW0RGN
Delta Loop 50 Mhz, PE1OPM
Delta Loop per 50 Mhz, IW3HZX
Easy to build Deltaloop fur 50MHz
Einfache DeltaLoop fur 6m, DL5DBM
Hentenna for the 6m band, DL1GSJ
J-Pole Six, IW0BZD
L'antenne 6M, VE2MID
Six element antenna for the 50 MHz, DF9CYA
VHF/UHF/HF X-Beam Antenna, K0EMT
Portable UHF 4 elements Yagi Antenna
Yagi per 50 MHz, IW9HHF
Yagi 6 elementi per i 6 metri, I0JXX

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