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AGWTracker Pocket

Supported Format are for Raster maps .bmp,jpg,gif,png

A wireless interface for your APRS system,G6GVI

The latest generation of PDAs, PocketPCs and Smartphones

APRS portatile con IPAQ HX2110

Tutto รจ nato dal navigare in Internet, ho trovato un articolo

APRS/CE - Automatic Position Reporting System

We've had TAPR redirect the APRS/CE links here

APRS/CE Pocket PC Ham radio,GW0TQM

APRS/CE is a richly featured APRS software package for WindowsCE

Big Fat Tail Productions

Satellite orbits are always changing, so it is necessary


program to decode Morse code via sound input of PDA to text


DXPocket is a fast, stable, low-traffic, and easy-to-use DX


This is a simple program for PocketPC wirh ARM processore

Ham Fan

Ham Fan is a database application for amateur radio

Ham Radio for HanDBase

Making a QSO while away from your home

MobileLog PocketPC Logging

This ham radio logging application beams headings and distances to DX

Packet Engine Pocket PC

License Shareware Trial 30 day

Packet Radio on a Windows CE device made simple

will enable you to set your hpc up to operate packet radio

Pocket Sat Tracker 2008

Current version: v. beta 0.7 20.02.2009

PocketPC Pocket decoding

functional pocket PC portable packet station


Hamradio HF digital teletype modem for PocketPC


PPCMorse is a suite of Morse code utilities for PocketPC


pTrack is a satellite tracking program for the Windows CE


Pocket PC, running Windows Mobile 5

Modif. February 27 2024

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