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All in One, WD8KNC

Ever wish that your contesting software was GUI or windows

Antenna Rotator System

The leader for computer control of any antenna rotor

AR8200 Computer Control Software

JAOR is the ultimate in computer management for the AOR AR8200

ARCS II TS-2000 control

This free rig control program controls most functions of the radio


This is the control software for the TS-590S transceive

Alpha 87a Communication

Alpha 87a Communication can be used either stand alone to control the Alpha 87a amplifier

BC245 Control

BC245XLT Uniden Bearcat Remote Control Software

BCD396T Manager

Serial Port communications is not supported in the Native MAC OS X

BuTel Software

BuTel software Radio Scanner Software for Uniden


Commander allows you to control your Alinco, Elecraft, Flexradio, Icom

Computer Aided Technologies

Scancat-Lite-Plus is the very best software for your Police

Control CAT FT 847

Ces logiciels sont distribues en mode FREEWARE

CAT Protocol Converter

This is a very simple to use multi-platform Java application which can be used to convert CAT commands


CommCat Mobile and QSXer have been discontinued rig control and logging

CatBKT Universal CAT Control

Program for the control of the transceiver from your pc, works on windows and has been tested with different serial and usb interfaces

Control program for TM-D710

Firmware Updating Program TM-D710 / RC-D710 Operation Panel

Control Software for AOR AR5000

True base receivers are few and far between, some have simply

Easy VX-5R Editor

Download software Easy VX-5R Editor

ERGO Radio Software

ERGO is software for enhanced shortwave radio listening


download the latest version of ourFT1000MP-SuperControl

FT-100D for PalmOs

archive and files section for storing various information and photos

FT100 Linux Page

FT100 sotfware for Linux

FT857 SuperControl

Full transceiver control via buttons in the software


FTB8900 is a memory management program for the FT-8900R FM transceiver


FTBasicMMO - memory management for the FT-8x7 series transceivers

FTBCAT Cat radio control software

G4HFQ Radio Programming Software

FTBVR5K VR-5000 Radio control

G4HFQ Radio Programming Software

Grig Radio Control

Grig is a simple Ham Radio control (CAT) program based

Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook

Full control of your radio (HRD is used for radio control via a special radio


Hamport is a small program for RIG control. It can read and

HugeIcom visually frequency

helps visually handicapped people to see the frequency and mode of the rig. Or maybe it's useful for demos, trade shows or similiar. It will work with any Icom except the IC-735

ICOM CIV Software

This cable allows computer control of your ICOM radio through its REMOTE jack

ICOM OCX programs

There are numerous control programs available for the Icom 756Pro. However, as fine as many of these programs are, they are often written to accommodate many different rigs

IC7000BKT Icom IC-7000 CAT Control

Programma per il controllo da PC del ricetrasmettitore Icom IC-7000

IC706_BKT Icom 706 CAT Control

Il protocollo CI-V per questi RTX e' soggetto a queste limitazioni

IC-746 soft control

eseguire il programma di setup e poi leggere

Icom Control for PCR1000

IcomControl is a radio controller designed for the Icom PCR1000

IC-7100 CAT Control

Programma per il controllo da PC del ricetrasmettitore Icom IC-7100

IC746 control pa ameritron

PControl of IC746 with external Power Amplifier AMERITRON

Icom IC–PCR1000 communications receiver

This is the help package for MacR–1000, a control and memory program for the Icom IC–PCR1000 communications receiver

ILGdb program interfaces

This program interfaces with the ILGSIMPO.DBF radio frequencies database and lets you click a station in the database to tune your radio to the station

Loop Control

this program allows accurate step motor control of magnetic loop antennas

Micro-G2b Rotor control

This program uses a Z-World Micro-g2b board to control up to 4 rotors

Memory Control Program Mcp-2a-Kenwood

Memory Control Program, TM-V71A/E, TM-D710A/E transceivers, and the RC-D710 control panel through the memory channel management or edit functions


MiniDeluxe is a light weight replacement for Ham Radio Deluxe


A COM component for transceiver/receiver CAT control

Kenwood TS-570D RCP-2 software

Is able to communicate with another transceiver, a computer or even a dumb terminal by using an RS-232 serial cable terminated with a female 9-pin connector

Kenwood TH-D7-TKD7

Memory Control Program MCP-D7 Version 1.20

KMIJ Kenwood Remote Control for TS-850/TS-450

Ham Radio Manuals and hard to find tools

PCR Remote Control

PCR AnyWhere is an application to remotely manage scanners of the type Icom IC-PCR

Ptt dvk fsk Keying with Kenwood TS-590SG


PCR1000 Scanning Software

PCR1000 software developed exclusively for scanning 25 to 1300 MHz

ProScan 780

All-In-One Computer Aided Scanning Program

QRG-DB1 forYaesu FT-817

QRG_DB is a database for the Palm OS computer to control a Yaesu FT-817 Transceiver via the CAT interface

Remote operation Elecraft K2

K2Net was intended to allow remote operation of an Elecraft K2 across a network

R-20 Signal Capture

R-20 Signal Capture and Analysis v2.30

Radio Control Program ARCP-480

TS-480HX - TS-480SAT KENWOOD Radio Control Program ARCP-480 Version 1.10

Radio Shack PRO-2052 remote control

for remotely controlling the RS PRO-2052 Police Scanner

RadioCommander 2052

This Panel is for editing and updating frequencies, alphatags, and other data to be uploaded to the Radio

Software for AOR Receivers AR-2300

Sophisticated Software for AOR Receivers AR-2300, AR-5001, AR-6000 and AR-DV1

TRX-Manager HAM Radio CAT Software

TRX-Manager an original and innovative CAT Control

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