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4 square 3650, SP8BRQ
4 square vertical system
40/80mt coil loaded dipole 23,3MT length, IK1ZOY
80 and 160 mt-80ft for 80mt or 17 ft for 160mt, KE4UYP
4 Elements wire yagi for 80m
80 m 3/4 wave LLV, KE4UYP
80 Meter 3-element Vertical Yagi, VE3VN
Butternut Notes, WB9DLC
80/75 Meter 4-Square Array
80-160 metri, IK3SSJ
80 metros encurtada
80 Meter Tower Vertical with Short Radials, VE3VN
80-160 antenna for the small garden, PA1M
80m Band Short Dipole, DJ9RB
80 m shortened Dipole project, DL2HRF
80m Band Top Loaded Vertical, DJ9RB
80m Band Top using 2 elevated radials
80mt Control of switching directions and antenna resonances, SP3GEM
A Wideband 80mt dipole, N6LF
Antenna Triple-Bazooka, CE4WJK
Antenna for 80 meters in garden 46ft, G7FEK
Antenna GP 3,5 MHz a carico lineare, I1WQR
Antenna for the Low Bands..80 and 160m, EI7BA
Antenna HF multibanda deltaloop 6-160 metri, I6IBE
Broadbanding half square antenna for 80mt, N6LF
Broad­Band 80 & 40 meter bowtie dipole
Double bazooka/coaxial dipole antenna
Double-L Antenna For 80/160
Hex Array 80/40 Meter Vertical
Isotron antenne Voor de 80m band, PA0UNT en PA1AMS
Inverted-L for 80m & 160m, ON7EQ
Short verticale per i 80 metri
Shunt-Feeding a Short Tower on 80 and 160m
Single Support Gain Antennasfor 80 and 160 Meters, N6LF
The 80 Meter Inverted Vee
The triple 4-square project antenna
Tower for 80mt 3.650 et 3.780 Khz, F5WH
Un dipolo per le bande basse, I8QLI

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